I am surprised that Carmen Amedori is running of House of Delegates in the newly created District 5.

Voters going to the polls in the upcoming Republican Primary on June 24 should take a good look at her record. In 2004 she quit on the citizens of District 5A and resigned from the House of Delegates (after just having been elected in 2002) to take a higher-paying position on the Maryland Parole Commission.

In 2010, Amedori announced a run against Barbara Mikulski for U.S Senate, but quit that campaign to run for lieutenant governor on the Brian Murphy for Governor ticket. I imagine this came as quite a surprise to Gov. Bob Ehrlich, who had appointed Amedori to the Parole Commission and was running for the Republican nomination and for a chance at a rematch with Martin O'Malley.

Shortly thereafter, Amedori quit the Murphy campaign and endorsed Ehrlich. Before the year was out, Amedori had quit living in Carroll County and moved to Worcester County, where she ran for and won a seat on the Republican Central Committee, and then threw her hat into the mix for Maryland GOP Chair.

Recently, Amedori quit her position on the Worcester County Republican Central Committee to sell real estate in Towson. One of the few things she didn't quit (but should've) was voting for the car tax and flush tax.

Carroll County residents deserve dependable, conservative representation in Annapolis, and they deserve better than an opportunist who quits on her constituents and political allies when expedient.

Christopher C. Esgar