Q and A: Former Westminster resident produces first film in Los Angeles

Levin (Jessica Brooks, Carroll County Times)

After several 12-hour days on Los Angeles film sets, producer and script writer Brian Levin has returned home for a respite.
Levin, of Westminster, just completed filming for "Flock of Dudes," a feature-film comedy that is his producing debut. The Kilburn Media and Major Motion Picture project is expected to be released in spring of 2014.
Levin, who attended Liberty High School, is a 2002 Towson University graduate. He's worked in Los Angeles and New York as a script writer.
Levin discussed with the Times his first motion picture as a producer and what he is planning to do next.
Q: What is the premise for "Flock of Dudes?"
A: It's basically about a group of guys who, in order to grow up, decide they have to break up with each other.
Q: Fair to say a lot of men have been there, I think.
A: Exactly. As they enter their 30s, they realize they may have to move on to some degree to the life they were leading in their 20s.
Q: How close is the project to being complete?
A: We wrapped filming last week, so we are in the editing stage. A couple months from now we should have the whole thing edited and ready to go.
Q: Was this autobiographical at all?
A: You know, it's funny. When I was in New York, I wrote this with two other guys. Kind of the way this came about was in New York, our friends would ask us what we were doing. We would tell them. Then the next thing you knew, 12 guys were hanging with us all night. ... My buddies and I just started joking around saying we needed to break up with these guys and get rid of them. So that led to us thinking that the idea could actually be a pretty funny movie.
Q: This was the first film you've written, correct?
A: This is the first I've written and produced. It's the first feature film I've had in production. I've written other scripts and television pilots and online as well. This is the first one, though, that I've actually had in production.
Q: It's a cast with several familiar faces, featuring the likes of Chris D'Elia (NBC's "Whitney"), Skylar Astin ("Pitch Perfect"), Hilary Duff ("Beauty and the Briefcase") and Ray Liotta ("The Place Beyond the Pines"). What were your thoughts on the cast?
A: Just in terms of the talent level, it elevated the script and made it feel fresh and exciting. Also, it helps attract interest to the film in general because all of these people are part of it. It gets everyone excited for the movie.
Q: How did they wind up being part of this? Was it a matter of calling in favors?
A: A lot of these things, when you come down to it, are relationship driven. We had relationships with a number of the people in the cast. Also, you also deal with talent agencies and management companies to let them know about the project and who is attached to the project. In a lot of ways, you start drawing some exciting people, and it gets others interested.
Q: What's next for you to work on?
A: Right now, I'm actually trying to make my next film in Maryland. I'm looking at locations and talking to people who may be interested in bringing a film to Maryland. I love how Maryland looks and going to try and capture that as I pursue these films in the future.

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