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Sam's Choices: The worst renditions of TV shows turned into movies

I struggled this week with the best way to address the movies that came out Wednesday. On one hand, I love "Despicable Me" and can't wait to see the second installment, but I also want my say about Disney's latest train wreck, "The Lone Ranger." After talking with several people in the office, I settled on the top five worst renditions of TV shows that were made into movies, a mouthful, I know, but I couldn't resist.
After finally choosing the topic, I spent hours trying to figure out which ones were bad enough to be considered for my list. After collaborating with two of the guys in the pre-press department as well as a list we found online of all of the shows that have been turned into films, I settled on what I consider to be a pretty good, well bad, list.
So, in honor of what is bound to be one of the worst films this summer, I give you my picks for the worst renditions of TV shows made into movies. I encourage criticism of my list; let me know what I forgot or why you disagree.

'Bewitched' 2005
While I am not a big fan of the show myself, I still have a healthy respect for the classic. I do not, however, have any respect for the film they attempted to make from the show. This is possibly my least favorite movie in the world, and that's saying something. I randomly bought the movie at a used DVD store for a couple of bucks, and I wish I had decided to pass on it; I want my three bucks and time back from this one.
Not only did this movie just completely stray from anything the show represented, the acting was horrible and the plot was just stupid. Instead of being about a couple, the movie focuses on a spoiled actor who is looking to cast someone for the TV remake of the show "Bewitched." While it had a slight chance to be clever, the choice of Will Ferrell was a poor one. I have nothing against Ferrell, but in this case, he was definitely not the right person to pull this movie off. If I were the producers of this film, I would have left the entire thing on the cutting room floor, and found another project to work on.


'Dark Shadows' 2012
I recently saw this movie because it was on HBO and I was curious about how it was. While the movie itself wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, I was thoroughly unimpressed. I have not really seen a lot of the show, but I have seen enough to know that this movie shouldn't have bothered. Johnny Depp's incredible acting skills couldn't even save this one.
While the storyline was actually pretty spot on, the idea that the whole series could be condensed into less than two hours is absurd. Never mind the campy way the director went about making it look like the right decade; it was almost like they were trying to make a joke out of the whole thing.

'Miami Vice' 2006
I remember when this movie came out, there was some serious hype; everyone was wondering how it was going to be. The trailers made it look like it could have been decent, but that's the job of the trailer. Instead of being based on the show completely, the film tried to update the 1980s storyline and make it more modern; big mistake. The younger audiences they were trying to hook with this movie were not going to be interested regardless, and the generation they could have gotten with this one was lost as soon as they realized what it was.
Updating a TV show when turning it into a movie can either be really bad, like in this case and with "Sex and the City," or it can be successful, like with "21 Jump Street." The lack of success from this movie can be attributed to more than just the attempt to update. The actors didn't really suit the character roles they were playing and the chemistry was off between them as well. This one should have been scrapped when the idea came up.


'Inspector Gadget' 1999
This show was cute and fun; I loved everything about it. And then there was the Matthew Broderick, live action rendition. Nothing could have ruined the greatness of the show more than this film. Whoever decided to turn a cartoon man who has a bunch of tools come out of his jacket into an actual person should probably be fired.
I think I saw this movie once, probably when it came out in 1999, and then forgot about how bad it was until I was faced with the task of coming up with this list. I can't imagine anyone was proud of the finished product, and I am sure Broderick is ashamed of accepting this role.

'Sex and the City 2' 2010
I love "Sex and the City," but this attempt to keep the show going couldn't have been a bigger failure if it tried. The characters are old and no one wants to see them develop past what they ended the show with, nor do they want to see the women go to the Middle East.
I watched the first movie because the show is great, and I did enjoy that we got to see Big make one more huge mistake and then finally settle down with Carrie. But then when they made the second one and brought Aiden back, I was beyond angry. Aiden would never have kissed Carrie while he was married with kids; he was not the cheater in the relationship.
Turning a show into a movie is one thing, but trying to further develop the people past what the show had is a generally bad idea.