Federation of Jewish Women holds meeting

The Federation of Jewish Women, which includes 38 active nonprofits and sisterhoods, held their meeting at Beth Israel Synagogue, located on Crondall Lane, Owings Mills, Maryland.

Beth Israel Sisterhood were the gracious hosts for this meeting. Edie Meyers and Judi-Dickman Narrow are co-presidents. Rabbi Jay Goldstein is spiritual leader of this congregation. Sheila Stern did a great job coordinating this Federation meeting.

Marvin Pinkert, executive director of the Jewish Museum of Maryland, was the interesting guest speaker. The topic of his discussion was "Why Records Matter - From the National Archives to the Jewish Museum of Maryland to Your Attic."

Mr. Pinkert, involved for many years with the National Archives and Museum in Washington, presented an interesting slideshow of historical significance.

Images among the slides included

A document, from several centuries ago, stating discrimination against the Jewish people

A letter from Henrietta Szold, dated 1909

A picture of two Sinai Hospital student nurses from 1950

The Jewish Museum of Maryland has 60,000 to 70,000 records and 10,000 artifacts.

These records are used to study history. Everyone is encouraged to share their family history and some of their treasures with our Jewish Museum.

Note, attics and basements are bad places to store your family records. The ideal place to store this information is in a cool, dry room away from sunlight. Keep papers in folders and in boxes.

Several Federation committees gave reports:

Sheila Derman, vice president, who always gives interesting legislative report updates, spoke of problems with the Affordable Care Act and other data.

Eve Vogelstein, a past president and the organization's top notch webmaster, reminded everyone that the Federation's website is http://www.jewishwomensfed.org.

Betty Samuels Seidel, chair of Serv-A gave her report. Serv-A is an organization that fund raises dollars through donations and all-occasion simcha and memorial card contributions, benefiting United States Jewish servicemen and women who are courageously supporting us throughout the world. For donations/contributions/information, you can call Betty, at 410-542-2323. Betty thanks everyone for their contributions to benefit our military.

Note: Federation's upcoming Annual Convention will be Thursday, May 15th at Baltimore Hebrew Temple.

Peggy K. Wolf, will be recipient this year, of the prestigious E.B. Hirsh Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding community leadership.

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