Letter: Obama ingores the Constitution

Rick Gordon in his Oct. 7 letter to the editor apparently doesn't remember how Obamacare got passed, so here is a little history.
When Barack Obama won his first term the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. He commissioned the Democratic Congress to write a health care bill. His Democrats crafted it in absolute secrecy, allowing Republicans no information or input.
When Republicans objected, Obama's reply was "I won," plainly meaning sit down and shut up - I don't need you. Democratic leadership presented the over 2,000-page bill for a vote, allowing no time to even read it.
Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said at the time you have to pass it to see what's in it.
The bill was so bad they had to resort to bribes and exceptions to even get enough Democratic votes to pass it. Ted Kennedy died and was replaced by Scott Brown, who was against it, so they pushed the vote through before they allowed him to take his seat, or it would not have passed.
How was it passed? With secrecy, graft, corruption, shutting out the loyal opposition and an unjust manipulation of the Senate rules.
The President's job is to administer and enforce the law, he has no authority to change it. This law is a disastrous load of bureaucratic license and unintended consequences. To maintain himself, Obama has had to issue what I consider illegal exemptions and waivers to his supporters, and illegal delays to many parts of the law. I find all of this unconstitutional and illegal so he is ignoring both the Constitution and the law itself.
The only remedy the Congress has is impeachment, but everybody knows this lapdog Senate would not convict Obama no matter what he does, so he acts like a king, refusing to negotiate a law he is incompetent to administer, but insists on his way or the highway anyway.
Personally, I like Mike Huckabee's solution. Give him his way, a continuing resolution fully funding the government, but nullifying all his illegal exemptions and waivers and delays, and including a one year sunset clause for automatic expiration of Obamacare unless renewed by the Congress. If it's a great thing as Obama claims, Congress will renew it easily as Rick Gordon believes, and if it's the disaster conservatives expect, it will expire.
Of course Obama will reject this, preferring to shut down the government to protect his right to graft and corruption, his kingly right to ignore the Constitution and the law.
It is his shutdown now, but then more clearly so.
James Judge

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