Letter: Report suspected child abuse

A heaviness and sadness overwhelms me, and my heart aches as it never has before.

The other day I was enjoying some YouTube videos while some comments and links unfortunately led me to horrific news stories. These stories involved abominable abuse cases.


The five cases I read all involved beautiful, innocent children. These five children suffered torturous endings to their all too short lives.

How can a person think of the most inhumane inflictions to impose on society's most helpless and vulnerable citizens? In some of these cases, their abusers were their biological mothers and said boyfriends. The abused children in these cases came from diverse backgrounds. The affected children came from all ethic and socioeconomic statuses.

These horrific abuses happen in our midst on a daily basis. All adults in our society share the responsibility to be aware of our surroundings. We need to be a voice for these children; the children cannot speak up for themselves. They are threatened, beaten into unconsciousness, systematically starved and locked in closets.

One hundred children are abused every hour, and the numbers are increasing.

Many of these children, like the ones I saw on YouTube, will die.

If anyone suspects child abuse, please do not wait to act. A simple phone call could save an innocent's life. 1-800-4-A-CHILD.

Patricia Sullivan