I have been following the election through your newspaper. I have been reading the editorials and letters with a great deal of interest. I found most interesting a letter that appeared April 24 by Chris Esgar of Westminster.

I was very surprised that you allow candidates to plant letters about other candidates, as I consider was the case with the letter about Carmen Amedori, candidate for House of Delegates.

Edgar's letter left out a lot of Amedori's life. His letter was filled with half truths. I would like to fill in those blanks. In 2004, Amedori was acknowledged by Gov. Robert Ehrlich as a person who cared about victims, and that is why he selected her to be on the Maryland Parole Commission. She traveled around the state to the inside of prisons, where she denied parole to felons.

In 2010, she waged a short campaign against entrenched U.S. Sen. Barbara Milkulski. Amedori used about $30,000 of her own money during that time, and being the practicable person she is realized she would not win that race or raise money to campaign. She then went with her then 87-year-old Father to help care for him.

She left the Murphy campaign because she put family first. During the time she was with her dad, she was asked to run for the Worcester County Central Committee because they needed bodies. She agreed noting that she was caring for her dad and would only be able to be a member for a short time. And, yes. Amedori is a small business realtor with a Towson broker.

By the way, did you know Esgar was a client of Haven Shoemaker? Now, you know the rest of the story.

Cynthia Armacost


The writer is treasurer for Friends of Amedori.