Carroll County Times

"The Family" brings laughs and thrills

Seeing Robert De Niro play another mobster in "The Family" is exciting and fun to watch.
French action director Luc Besson, ("The Fifth Element," "Leon: The Professional") directs this offbeat comedy/drama about the Manzoni family.
We find "The Family," now known as the Blakes, hiding out in Normandy, France for ratting out their "other family."
Manzoni was a ruthless mobster whose wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) is just as tough as he is.
Their daughter, Belle (Dianna Agron) is just as tough as she is pretty, and their son Warren (John D'Leo) wants to control the school at age 14.
Tommy Lee Jones plays the FBI agent given the thankless task of keeping these people alive.
The problem is Giovanni Manzoni and family have a tough time of keeping a low profile.
If you rub them the wrong way they have no problem of rubbing you out, or destroying your property.
If that's not enough Giovanni is working on a tell-all book.
They must try to survive, while the mob boss Manzoni ratted out has placed a $20 million bounty on Giovanni's head.
The cast is brilliant and gives relief to a weak story.
Rated R.