Carroll County Times

Argo goes grand

"Argo" is a political thriller that really moved me.

I can remember the Iranian Hostage crisis of 1979.

The movie captured all the tenseness and feelings of hopelessness of the United States citizens for our fellow countrymen in a far away and hostile country.

This film "Argo" captured a piece of American history I was not aware of.

CIA operative, Tony Mendez, Ben Affleck, who also directed, developed a great plan to help six USA political appointees escape from Iran.

Tony executed the plan to save these six U.S. citizens with the coolness of a great quarterback bringing his team to victory in the last moments of a game.

The brilliance in this movie was that in a very short amount of time, Mr. Mendez was going to sell Hollywood and the new regime in Iran that these six U.S. political appointees and he were looking for a place to shoot their new science fiction film, "Argo."

I was moved emotionally when these seven Americans finally got out of Iran.

These seven people were near death by execution if found out by the Iranian regime.

Special kudos to high powered film producer Lester Siegel, played by Alan Arkin, who helped sell this phony science picture film to the public.

Mr. Siegel had some of the funniest lines of the phoniness of Hollywood which gave this "R" rated and tense film some levity.

I would not be surprised to see this film win a few Oscars, come Oscar season.