Pikesville Chamber awards community, businesses at ceremony

Pikesville Chamber of Commerce:

Posh North Oaks Retirement Community, 725 Mt. Wilson Lane, was the venue for the Pikesville Chamber's annual "Business and Community Recognition Awards" breakfast meeting.


Business, police, fire companies, schools, all networking together to benefit our community, select a very special, significant person to be honored every year at this special recognition event.

Welcoming the capacity crowd were Jessica Normington, executive director, Pikesville Chamber of Commerce; Steven Cohen, president, Pikesville Chamber; Mark Pressman, executive director, North Oaks Retirement community; also, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.


This year, 2012, is Kevin's 18th year being very dedicated and involved with county government. Great job Kevin! Councilwoman Vicki Almond, beginning her political rein representing our 2nd district, said she has enjoyed her first 17-month tenure in office as challenging and rewarding!

Gigi Barnett, weekend WJZ Eyewitness News anchor, was the personable mistress of ceremonies.

Business leaders and community recognition awards were presented to the following:

Person of the Year:


Mark Sapperstein, a member of Pikesville Chamber 15 years. He has successfully chaired the Pikesville 5K Miles that Matter race. He is currently working with Canton Crossing that is being developed.

Business of the Year Award:

Suburban House Restaurant, Mark Horowitz and Joe Stowe. When the original Suburban House, a favorite deli/restaurant in Pikesville for 50 years, was burned and destroyed, Mark and Joe relocated the popular Suburban House Restaurant a few blocks away to Pomona Square.

Employee of the Year:

Annie Smith, a dedicated, very respected Certified Nursing Assistant at Atrium Village since it opened in 2001. Annie genuinely cares for all the residents at Atrium.

Fedder Architectural Award:

Healthway Pharmacy.

Robert Horn Volunteer Award:

Larry Frank, vice president, Classic Catering People. Larry is an excellent and great coordinator of events. Both Larry and Classic are also appreciated for their involvement with Pikesville Chamber of Commerce.

Police Officer of the Year:

Officer Eli Visnick, has received many awards since becoming a police officer, June 2006. At Pikesville Precinct since 2008, he has been nominated "Officer of the Month" eight times, winning the award five times!

State Trooper of the Year:

Trooper 1st Class Alva Holloway was honored for his exemplary police standards. A natural leader, incoming new troopers often ask for his advice. He has been a wonderful mentor!

Career Firefighter of the Year:

Stephen Wantz, assigned to Pikesville Station since 1999, has been a career fire-fighter for 30 years!

Volunteer Fire Fighter of the Year:

Lt. Dov Taber, an active member of Pikesville Volunteer Fire Co. In 2011, Taber was top responder with over 700 responses! Congrats also to Lt. Taber, recently being elected 2nd Rescue Squad Lieutenant, Pikesville Volunteer Fire Co.

School Program of the Year:

Summit Park Fourth-Grade students. Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, twice the students have collected donations and prepared over 250 bagged lunches for the Baltimore Rescue Mission in Baltimore.

Aldditional schools receiving recognition:

Pikesville High School

: for its Career Transition Program. Students were given opportunities to prepare themselves for the world beyond high school.

Pikesville Middle School:

Ben Carson Reading Room. First middle school in Baltimore County to receive the privilege of housing this special reading room.

Fort Garrison Elementary School:

For its Maryland Green School initiative by providing students with curriculum about the environment and teaching students what "Going Green" is!

Eileen Marks Memorial $500 Scholarship to a High School Senior:

Brian Grossman. Also receiving recognition wre, Stephanie Honig and Jasmine Alicea. All three submitted outstanding essays.

In addition to above listed also among the many attendees at this Business and Community Recognition Awards event were, Eddie Steinberg, Richard Krieger, Judy Finifter, Marcy Gorman, Nick Attitas, David Uhfelder, Robert Pollokoff, Allan Hirsh III, Norris Brodsky, Chuck Connolly, Murray Rodman, Dominique Visnick, Lauren Byrd and others.

Gargantuan thanks to the behind-the-scenes coordinators of this special awards event, Jessica Normington, Ayme Lederman, Mark Pressman and North Oaks staffers.

Adam Jeffers was event photog.

Pikesville Chamber Upcoming Activities

Pikesville Farmer's Market opens Tuesday, June 5, and runs through Tuesday, Nov 13, from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., on the Office Depot parking lot, 1630 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville.

Sunday, June 10, The Pikesville Summer Fest, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Sudbrook Lane between Reisterstown Road and Old Court Road. More info in a future column.

More People Kudos

Ilene Vogelstein is now Director of the Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education, overseeing all of Beth El Congregations Early Childhood Programs.

Spring Bazaar

Dorothy Friedman Caplan Guild is sponsoring its Spring Bazaar, Sunday, May 20, from 1-4 p.m. at the Pikesville Hilton Hotel.

Vendors will offer accessories including belts, jewelry, purses, also Judaica gifts, stationery, toys, and more.

Proceeds benefit Camp Sunrise, a summer camp for children who have been diagnosed or survived cancer.

Lifecycle simcha celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community, celebrating 30-something, more or less. Also a sprinkling of kids, tween/teens and seniors (recycled teenagers):

Larry Stahl, Brooks Robinson, Herman Venick, Dr. Louis Baer, Dr. Fred Magaziner, Rabbi Gustav and Erika Buchdahl, Phyllis Furman, Pat McConville, Dr. Jennie Rothschild, Sara Berger, Bobbie Horwitz, Al Ackerman, Nelson Tucker, Mandell Bellmore, Bunny Bernstein, Phyllis Hofkin, Jacquie Brager, Ellen Heller, Rob Schiller, Ruth Hurwitz, Doris Adler, Michele Hecht, Bob Goldman, Ted Levy, Denise Goldberg, Sue Katz, Kathy Keene, Robin Miller, Joy Glassen, Ed Mazor, Barry Weiss.

Also, Carla Gilden Coale, Ilene Powers, Jessica Weber, Marc Goldstein, Craig Lippens, Joel Cohen, Lynn Wolf, Cheryl Levey, Arnold Neuburger, Joe Millstone, Cathy Neuman, Linda Cohen, Marc Winner, Marshall Tanhoff, Irwin Epstein, Tova Reichel, Lisa Lipton, Sharyn Musika, Charles Silverman, Jill Tabak, Sue Ross, Linda Reines, Yan Hankin, Roberto Stier, Jessie Gilbard, Harriet Brown, Sharon and Irv Caplan.

Happy kids birthday to triplets Taylor, Spencer and Molly Caplan. Also Jason Ganslaw.

Happy, happy birthday to each and every one and those celebrating birthdays not listed!

Hope you all enjoyed oodles of ice cream, cake and goodies. Especially the goodies! Yes!

Engagement congrats

Allison Bloch to Kevin Ehrlich

Brittany Barr to Nat Lehnoff


Best wishes for wedded bliss:

Nathalie (Neches) and Stephen Bressler

Robyn (Hoffman) and Stephen Kaufmann



Welcome to this trio of adorable precious bundles of joy:

A daughter, Eleanor (Ellie) Manekin to Dr. Sarah Manekin and Ari Abramson.

A son, Brendan Edward, to Lauren and Andy Wayne.

A daughter, Maddie Rose, to Nina and Michael Pachino

Mazel Tov to all! Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses and a few lovable squeezes on their eensie, weensie tiny diapered tushes!


Anniversary congrats

A whopper gorgeous (diamond) 61st anniversary to Fran and Fred Tepper. An equally gorgeous (diamond) 60th anniversary to Dolores and Marty Zuckerman.

WOW! A 61st and a 60th anniversary! Fantabulous! We all wish Fran and Fred, Dolores and Marty many, many, more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness! Yes!

A great 52nd anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mendelson. Ringing in their (golden) big 5-0, half-century anniversary are Miriam and Arnold Kahn.

A lovely (sapphire) 45th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ziman.

A pretty (ruby) 40th anniversary Karen and Alan Ottenheimer.

An attractive (pearl) 30th anniversary Lois and Marty Rothberg.

A very happy 29th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Doug Topolski. An enjoyable 27th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Les Harlan. Celebrating their (silver) 25th, quarter-century anniversary are Jan and Jim Snyder. A fab 22nd Diane and Nat Torn. A happy 20th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Dackman.

A lovely (crystal) 15th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adler. An enjoyable 10th anniversary Melissa and Ryan Lenet, Lori and Scott Whest. An equally happy 5th anniversary Rebecca and Dan Gleason. May 20, Brooke and Jeffrey Zigler celebrate their 2nd anniversary.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and those celebrating anniversaries not listed! May you all enjoy many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas! L'Chaim!

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists

Your choice of awesome cool/hot happy double-digit birthday cha-cha-chas to Jordan Marcus and Michael Bernstein.

Bat Mitzvah

Mazel Tov Naomi Hoch, Mira Baum, Alexandra Bierer

Bar Mitzvah

Mazel Tov Ethan Snyder, Jordan Douglas, Samuel Cohen, Jake Given, Nathan Wesson.

Happy young adult birthdays to Lauren Cohen, Melanie Marino, Julie Bass, Evan Albert, Kevin Saval and Dalton Adamson.

Happy 20-something and under-30 birthdays to Brina Furman and Gabrielle Levinson.

Happy birthday to all the double-digit, Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebrants, young adult and 20-something and under-30 birthday celebrants not listed!

Happy milestone birthdays all!


Saturday, May 19, is Armed Forces Day, a day to remember our military!


Shabbat candle lighting time, Friday evening, May 18, is 7:58 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone! Yes!