Chair Shots: Will Randy Orton, other injured stars play a role in Laurinaitis-Long feud?

At the Elimination Chamber, John Laurinaitis made an announcement that he is trying to get not only the permanent Raw GM position, but also is seeking to take Teddy Long's position as the permanent Smackdown GM.

Personally, I'd love to see Laurinaitis take over that role. Since becoming the interim general manager of Raw, he's been a terrific foil for CM Punk, Triple H and others. What I really like is that Laurinaitis is a heel despite seemingly being well-meaning.

What does any of those have to do with Randy Orton, the rest of the WWE's injured list and WrestleMania, as the headline implies? Simple.

Upon making his announcement at the PPV Sunday, Laurinaitis was supported by heels Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Mark Henry. All of whom, it should be noted are coming back from significant injuries and all of whom have been world champions in the past calendar year. With six weeks until WrestleMania, there isn't a lot of time to build singles feuds for any of them, especially if they are going to be limited in the ring because of these injuries.

On the flip side, Randy Orton's concussion, which seems to be legit but turned into a storyline, could leave him sidelined for a while. At the very least, he's expected to miss Tuesday's live Smackdown. He'll be re-evaluated Feb. 27, but even then, he could be out another week or two. It's probably best if WWE let him heal if he's not going to be a player in the World Championship picture at WrestleMania.

Then there is Rey Mysterio, who has targeted WrestleMania as a return date from his serious knee injury sustained over the summer. WWE is going to want to protect him from further injury and from showing ring rust if he's able to return in time.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion I can make is a tag team match involving WWE's walking wounded in order to get them on the WrestleMania card, and make it Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long with the right to be general manager of both shows on the line.

Del Rio, Christian, Henry and, of course, Laurinaitis' legal advisor David Otunga would make up Johnny Ace's contigent, while Long could put together a formidible combination of Orton, Mysterio, a clearly limited Great Khali and Long's assistant on Smackdown, Santino Marella (who has definitely earned a WrestleMania spot after his performance at the Elimination Chamber).

That's a lot of star power in one match, with a good stipulation to boot, and it would ideally protect the hobbled wrestlers from re-injuring themselves or showing too much ring rust.

The finish? While the obvious finish would have the babyfaces going over and Long being put in charge of both shows, I'd love to see a swerve with Orton giving one of his teammates (preferably Mysterio) the RKO and allowing Team Laurinaitis to be victorious.

Orton could argue that Long keeping him out of the Elimination Chamber cost him the opportunity at winning the World Championship. It would also allow Orton to play his more natural heel role. Aligning himself with Laurinaitis would guarantee he gets heel heat and not cheers.

The Viper has worked his way through most of the roster as a babyface. Having him work as a heel would allow some fresh match-ups with Mysterio (with whom he hasn't worked since WrestleMania 22 when Orton was still pretty green), Sheamus (who was a heel when Orton was a face), and CM Punk (a heel at last year's WrestleMania to Orton's face).

WWE is lacking a dominant veteran heel on the roster right now. Orton is the man best suited for that role.