Local tribute artist planning concert to celebrate McCartney's 70th birthday

While watching Paul McCartney play a three-hour set with no breaks three years ago, the Fed-Ex Field crowd sang along to the familiar hits.

Meanwhile, Jed Duvall got an idea.

Duvall, a longtime Elvis impersonator, wanted to see if he could do the same with McCartney, one of his favorite musicians.

To commemorate McCartney's 70th birthday, which is today, Duvall will be performing as the former Beatle in a concert at 8 p.m. June 30 at Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.

This will be his first Carroll County appearance as McCartney.

About McCartney: Sir Paul McCartney is one of two surviving Beatles members, along with Ringo Starr. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, McCartney performed with the band Wings from 1970-84. He has also enjoyed a successful solo career and is still performing at sold-out concerts.

Duvall's thoughts: "He never took a break until midnight [at the Fed-Ex Field] concert. He never took a water break, no breaks in the action until the show ended at midnight. It was remarkable."

About Duvall: He first performed as Elvis more than 30 years ago in a competition where he placed 10th out of 12 acts. He's refined his show since and performed twice during Elvis Week at Graceland Crossing in Tennessee four years ago. He's adding McCartney performances now. He performed as the former Beatle for the first time at Branded in Rockville two years ago.

Duvall's thoughts: "To be quite honest, I was probably a bigger Beatles fan than I was Elvis or Johnny Cash," he said. "Going to that concert stirred up that love for that kind of music in my childhood."

About Duvall as McCartney: Duvall will be joined by his Speed of Sound Band June 30 with John Bent on lead guitar, Al Spoler on bass, Greg Whitehair on rhythm guitar and Dan Buccino on drums. Speed of Sound is a nod to the 1976 album by McCartney and Wings. The concert will include hits from McCartney's time with The Beatles, his time with Wings and from his solo career.

The set list will include "Please Please Me," "Back in the U.S.S.R.," "Michelle" and "Dance Tonight."

Duvall's thoughts: "'Dance Tonight' was on his "Press to Play album from 2007. We really wanted to give the audience a feel for everything he's done."

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