Women host Sisterhood Shabbat

Rita Wertlieb discussed changing family structure at the annual Sisterhood Shabbat, Jan. 18.
Rita Wertlieb discussed changing family structure at the annual Sisterhood Shabbat, Jan. 18. (Submitted Photo, Carroll County Times)

Beth Israel Sisterhood hosted their annual women's dedicated "Sisterhood Shabbat." All participants this morning on the Bema were sisterhood members. Venue was in the David Phillip Gresser Sanctuary. As an added bonus, many of the sisterhood women wore beautiful magnificent tallet (prayer shawls) they personally made in a tallet-making workshop at their synagogue.

Beth Israel, a conservative congregation, aka the Macks/Fidler Synagogue Center, is located at 37 Crondall Lane, Owings Mills.


This very special Shabbat is when the sisterhood women have a special opportunity to conduct the entire Shabbat service from beginning to end, including the rabbinic role and the cantors portion of this service.

The women all did an outstanding job.


Rabbinical leadership (Gabbaim) were Cindy Goldstein, Amy Bober Schenerman and Cindy Bradley.

Sacred Torah readers included Mira Foote, Cindy Goldstein, Phyllis Hersh, Adriana Hough, Cheryl Matthias, Aliza Rothenberg and Joan Ross.

Aliyah participants were Rheta Rosen, Zelda Zaben, Leslie Wasserman, Sheila Stern, Marcia Toppel, Rita Wertlieb, new sisterhood members. Candy Bradley beautifully chanted the Haftorah.

Additional sisterhood participants this Shabbat included Edie Meyers, president, Beth Israel Sisterhood and Judi Dickman Narrow, co-president as well as more too numerous to name here.

Very involved and dedicated to Beth Israel, Sheila Stern had the special privilege of introducing Rita Wertlieb, the charming and interesting 20th International President for Women's League Conservative Judaism. This is a very high-powered, respected position within our Conservative Sisterhoods.

The topic of Rita's discussion was "Mispachah for Jewish Family." In 2014, we all know times have changed immensely from yesteryear. Family structure, single parent family homes, intermarriage, we must all acknowledge, respect and welcome whole-heartedly changes in today's world. Everyone in our synagogues/temples, sisterhoods, and, yes, even in our brotherhoods, we must all accept social reality, and we must make adjustments.

Quoting Rita, "Women's League for Conservative Judaism supports its network of individual members and 500 sisterhoods and synagogue women's groups throughout North America, Mexico and Israel."

Women's League also provides innovative programing materials designed to educate and activate members of every age. Women's League provides customized training services to assist every sisterhood to be the best they can be.

Thirteen Regions inclusive, they provide networking opportunities and leadership development for every member to ensure an exciting tomorrow.

Women's League is the voice of the women of the Conservative Movement, representing its membership at a wide array of national, international and social action organizations. The mission of Women's League for Conservative Judaism is to strengthen and unite women's groups, their members, and individual members, support them to mutual efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in their home, synagogue and community, and to reinforce their bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide. The Women's League logo emphasizes the role women play as keepers of the flames of mitzvoth, family, study, Israel, Torah and community.

The significant "W" in their logo suggests the ancient menorah in a strong, contemporary style, and the phrase Mah yafah yerushataynu (How beautiful is our heritage) reflects Women's League's ongoing commitment to their vital and dynamic tradition."

Thank you Rita Wertlieb, guest speaker, and to all of the above listed sisterhood women also Shabbat ushers Ellen Jachman, Sandy Mervis, Carole Minor, Sue Steinman. Todah Rabbah to the many generous sisterhood/congregation luncheon contributors.


Alan Weiss catered the tasty bountiful kosher luncheon following Shabbat service. Thank you Alan and Martha!

This Sisterhood Shabbat was dedicated to the memory of special women of blessed memory Joyce Heller, Hilda Hillman, Gloria Karasik and Ruth Merwitz.

Again, this was a very lovely Beth Israel Sisterhood Shabbat.

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