Fantasy Sports: Early observations from around the league

Although there hasn't been a ton of games to develop an accurate sample size, several players have stood out for their good or bad performances.

Matt Kemp, OF (Dodgers): In a shocking development, Kemp is really good and hits the ball a long way. OK, well maybe that is no surprise, but I get a strong feeling he is on the verge of a special season.

He's motivated and eager to at least attain 40-40 status with preseason goals of 50-50. If I'm a Kemp owner, it would take a king's ransom and then some to get me even thinking about unloading this ultra-talented superstar.

Carlos Beltran, OF (Cardinals): Beltran looks revitalized, clubbing five homers already and swiping two bases. A season-ending total of 30 or more homers isn't out the question, but it is the steals that is intriguing.

Perhaps last year Beltran was just regaining confidence in his legs after multiple injuries. He looks to have that burst back in his step. The only caution with Beltran is his long list of health concerns. Sell high if the offer is right, but I believe Beltran manages to play in at least 140 games this year and will produce like a No. 3-4 outfielder.

Luke Scott, OF (Rays): Always a more eccentric personality than most, Scott has taken well to his new team and leads the American League with 14 RBIs. Scott has always flashed above average power and he continues to do so.

But with that said, he is an extremely streaky player and the cold spots can be brutal. While an owner could trade him during a hot streak, his value won't be high because he has a proven track record.

Pay close tabs to Scott and you should be able so sit him during the cold spells and ride the hot spells to weekly victories in head-to-head leagues.

Tim Lincecum, SP (Giants): The beginning of the 2012 season has not been kind to Lincecum. He has been roughed up repeatedly and his fastball velocity is alarmingly low.

There has also been whispers about his slider and how he has shied away from throwing it a lot. I have not had a chance to look at his pitching breakdown for what it's worth so it is just rumors.

But with a quirky motion and small frame, there is always a chance all of those innings have caught up to him. If you own him, there really is no point in trying to deal him because you won't get anywhere near full value. As far as I'm concerned, keep running him out there and hope he turns it around soon.

Starting this weekend, I will be posting an entry every day about the games the night or day before and my observations.

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