Carroll Outdoors: Notes on cold water temps, trolling, hunting

Area anglers are still seeing cold-water conditions in the lower Susquehanna River as water temperatures hover around 58 degrees in the river and 67 degrees on the flats, reports the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The dam has been on a mid-day power generation release schedule creating cold water and turbulent conditions in the afternoons.


According to the DNR the Hickory Shad restoration biologists have been sampling for brood stock and are reporting catching very few females. White perch are thick in the lower Susquehanna and fishermen are reporting catching one on nearly every cast, but the throwback rate is very high.

Farther down the bay and blow the Brewerton Channel upper bay fishermen continue to find trolling action for large striped bass around the channel edges of Love Point and the Triple Buoys areas.


The steep edges near Sandy Point Light and also the Dumping Grounds area just north of the Bay Bridges have also been producing some large rockfish.

White parachutes and bucktails seem to be the current favorites with chartreuse a close second choice.

Trolling tends to be the main focus when it comes to striped bass fishing in the spring, but a few anglers have tried some chumming with limited success with smaller fish. Beginning May 16, fishermen are able to keep two rockfish betwenn 18 and 28 inches and one above 28 inches.

The middle bay region water temperatures are holding around 68 degrees but continued warming weather will drive temperature up in all regions of the bay.

Private and charter boats are reporting good fishing along the western edge of the shipping channel from Thomas Point south. The steep edges around Bloody Point, Thomas Point, Buoy 83, CR Buoy and the False Channel leading out of the Choptank have all been very productive.

Light tackle anglers who have been focusing on catch and release action for rockfish less than 28 inches report good fishing along the eastern side of the bay as well as Cedar point on the western side.

No one, as of yet has reported any speckled trout but expect that action to begin with water temperatures in the upper 60's but it shouldn't last long.

The upper Potomac is running strong, but OK for fishing with water temperatures around 65 degrees. Fishermen are now catching a lot of smaller smallmouth bass.

Stick to the edges of eddies, ledges, dam pools and rock clisters. Good baits include soft plastic jigs, tubes or suspended jerkbaits.


I have learned that there were over 600,000 licensed gun hunters this past hunting season in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin's hunters comprise the eighth largest army in the world!

That's more men under arms than in Iran. And, more than France and Germany combined!

That many men and women deployed to the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin, to hunt with firearms and no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan's 700,000 hunters, all of whom have returned home safely.

Think about these numbers when the next session of Maryland's pols tries to ram another silly gun law down our throats!

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