Did anyone read Tom Zirpoli's Sept. 18 column in the Carroll County Times? He must be the only person over the age of 12 that believes that the current situation with the chemical weapons in Syria is the result of informed reflection on President Barack Obama's part.
The rest of the adult world knows that Obama tried to sound tough with his talk about red lines, and did not realize that he might have to back those words up with action.
Zirpoli accuses former president George W. Bush of shooting first and getting facts later. Well, Bush built a worldwide coalition as well as a consensus in Congress for military action in Iraq. Obama cannot do that. He commands no respect in the world and no one trusts him.
Obama has spent the last five years condemning Congress for defying his wishes, trying to work around them with his executive orders and now, all of a sudden, he feels he needs their concurrence for military action in Syria? Nonsense. A child could see that he was just looking for cover in case military action went wrong.
Obama originally said that Syria needed to be punished for its use of chemical weapons; no mention of merely surrendering their stockpiles. Now that he realizes that people actually take his red line comments seriously, he is willing to grasp at any straw, including Russia President Vladimir Putin's, to save face. Too late. The world and the country see him for what he is; a pathetic weakling trying to play ball with the world's big boys.
Is Obama going to trust Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad to turn over all of his chemical weapons? Is he going to trust Putin to verify this inventory? Really? Do you believe that? Because if you do, I have some bridges for sale that I would like to talk to you about.
Robert Barnett