The Baltimore Orioles just can't deal with this anymore. Pedro Strop has to go.
That's all there is to it. The guy's not getting it done right now and he's not able to work out his problems at the major-league level.
I know he doesn't have any options. And he would probably get claimed by one of the other 29 teams if the Orioles tried to send him down to the minors.
Of course, they had a chance to get him to the minors on a rehabilitation assignment during his latest DL stint, and they opted not to. What a mistake.
Baltimore has been down this road before. It was as recently as last year, too, with Kevin Gregg. He was ineffective and he got the axe.
It's time to do the same with Strop.
His 7.58 ERA is atrocious. Every time he enters the game, Orioles fans either look away or change the channel. He almost has as many runs as innings pitched.
I don't blame Buck Showalter. With just a 25-man roster, every guy in the bullpen needs to carry their weight.
And everyone in the bullpen is. Except for Strop.
The right-hander has electric stuff, no doubt about it. But he has no control right now and is making poor pitches at the most inopportune times.
He's not just magically going to go back to the guy that was so dominant the first half of last season. He needs to work out his command issues at a lower level, whether that's in Baltimore's system or another.
The Orioles can't afford to have a guy that is struggling to this degree right now. Baltimore's in the middle of a tight race in the AL East.
Strop's already cost them a few games, and with how well the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays are playing, every game is important.
Strop is a liability right now, and hasn't even been able to handle low-pressure situations that well.
If the Orioles have a reliever they can't trust, then they're better off without them at all.
Strop's a nice guy and I believe Showalter when he says nobody wants to pitch well for Baltimore as much as Strop.
But it's time to cut ties with the flamethrower. Take the risk of trying to send him to the minors. If he makes it to Norfolk, great. If not, then adios.
Pedro, did you ever think maybe just straightening your hat would help you out?