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Letter: Support sought in District 9A race

The Republican citizens of south Carroll over the last several months have been marketed to by five candidates for two delegate seats in District 9A, of which, I am one of.

They are all great candidates who have my respect and friendship, but only two can receive your ballot this primary election June 24.

As the only one of the five who is a Carroll County resident, I humbly solicit your vote for the reasons as follows: I am the only hope Carroll County has of maintaining four resident delegates to represent our own unique culture and community. If I lose, we go backward to just three which, I believe, is our county's punishment through redistricting, since we are the only all Republican official county in the state.

I had the courage, determination and intellect to fight the absurd General Assembly redistricting all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court as my own legal counsel with my own finances on behalf of every Maryland citizen. No easy task to do, since filing a writ with the highest court is the hardest legal pleading to submit in the American legal system. Ninety-nine point nine percent of attorneys go to their graves never having filed such a pleading, and I did it for the greater good of my fellow citizens.

My 20-plus years of political and business experience have earned my campaign an A rating from the NRA and endorsements from both the Maryland Realtors Association and Maryland Right to Life organization. These are major endorsements that have also been given to my friend, Del. Warren Miller as well, and I solicit that you vote for him as your second ballot. My friendship with Miller goes back to helping Bob Ehrlich get elected in 2002, and even further back with Del. Gail Bates, who deserves your vote for Senator in District 9. We would make a great team representing your core political philosophy.

Therefore, if you share in my unwavering belief in an individual's right to bear arms, protection of property rights and the sanctity of human rights in its most innocent form, then I humbly solicit that you vote me and Miller for delegates 9A.

Christopher Eric Bouchat


The writer is a candidate for state Delegate representing District 9A.