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Letter: Candidate seeks District 3 support

We are just weeks away from a primary election that in all probability will determine the candidate who will be seated as your next commissioner. I am Lyn Mallick and one of your choices for District 3.

My qualifications are unlike any of my opponents. In addition to my corporate experience of 20 years and a small business owner for over a decade, my detailed knowledge of county government over the past several years, including financial reports and budgets, has afforded me the opportunity to be better prepared for this position.


My relationships with county staff and the Board of Education's financial officer allow for a smoother transition than that of my opponents. I am prepared to be your commissioner on day one.

In recent weeks I have taken the opportunity to introduce myself to many of the voters in my district. Their message is clear. Get government out of the way, behave in a professional manner and no wasteful spending. The last thing we want is for our representative to "not read it before it passes," spend beyond our means and plan a future that unnecessarily burdens future generations.


Unfortunately, the majority of the board has continued business as usual and had a crisis of serious leadership by kicking the can down the road. We now have a general government and a Board of Education using one-time funds for ongoing costs. Our general obligation bonds and debt outstanding increased to $353.5 million (CAFR, June 30, 2013) and debt service payments are rising over the next five years.

We continue to hear the arguments from some in our community that our services are under funded. I believe it is time to enforce existing local law and have a formal audit of each of our agencies so that we may end the political war and get down to doing the peoples' work.

Carroll County was and continues to be hit hard by the 2008 recession. Our current loss of over $3 billion in real property value continues to show no signs of recovery, our job creators are overburdened and the American family is struggling. It is time to ask the right questions, work on the right problems and remove barriers to success.

I will represent you with determination, integrity, and knowledge. It's our turn, and together we will fix this. Vote Mallick on June 24.

Lyn Mallick