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Letter: Get informed on health care

In my advancing years, I have seen health care become big business and less about healing for the patient.

I can remember when health care was more affordable, and when people had mental illness they were cared for in institutions that specialized in treatment. Now, I see people living on the streets due to mental illness and a society that turns its head away from the needs of the very poor who have no options.


Mental illness and drug dependency are causing people to murder and rob using weapons against the innocent.

Where is the outrage in our society over the lack of human rights in health care? We blindly are being led by untruths, scare tactics and unscrupulous deceit on why health care should be in the hands of large corporations.


All branches of the public library will be making available the viewing of the health care movie, sponsored by Health Care is a Human Right - Md. beginning August 20 and through the month of October.

Check the schedule at your local library.

Become informed. You and I can turn our health care system into a functioning and fair process that will be available to all citizens from birth until death. Attend a movie showing and know there is something you can do.

Doris Ann Pierce

New Windsor