All we hear 24-7 is that the economy is bad, slow and stagnant, with no end in sight. But who is at fault and who created such an economy ?

The Repuplicans point to the Democrats. The Democrats point to the Repuplicans. So what else is new?

The dictionary defines economy as management of a household or government by planning, wealth, resourses, materials, techniques and avoidance of waste, and also a system of producing, distributing and consuming. We do none of that, except the consuming part, and that is why we have a TV show called The Biggest Loser.

People and the economy are losers because we have no sense of self preservation.

Next time you are driving,look around you. If there is a Mercedes on your right, an Audi on your left, a BMW in front and das auto with the autobahn and farfegnugen behind you, well I hope you realize whose economy our over-medicated and undereducated (19th in math and science) countrymen actually support.

Our Congress in D.C. is no big help either, because those fine patriots operate under the influence of over 11,000 registered lobbyists, also known as bribing agents -- that comes to about 22 of them to each of our senators and representatives -- with unlimited money from special interest groups.

Yes, some foreign cars are build in the U.S., far, far away from UAW and IG METALL territory by underpaid American workers in states like Alabama, where 38 percent of the population is on some kind of government relief program. The profits go to Europe.

We buy cranes for the port of Baltimore from China. The uniforms for our athletes at the London Olympics came from China. MSP is using BMW motorcycles and helicopters made in France. The NFL is selling hats and jerseys made in Taiwan and Macau, and God only knows where the $5 dollar hot dogs are coming from they selling to the fans at the stadium.

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what we can do for our economy. For starters, let's buy local, buy domestic, buy American and see the USA in your Chevrolet. The economy will follow you, for the better.

Dieter Halle