It's all in the lips: Lipsologist offers readings at Westminster shop

Anna Snodgrass gives a lipsology reading.

A person's lip print may not seem like it means much, but according to the practice of lipsology, it can indicate what is going on in their life and even give insight into their health.

Certified lipsologist Anna Snodgrass, who performs readings under the name Ariana Lightningstorm, will be using lipsology to read people's "Lip Messages" at Magnolia House Studios in Union Mills Feb. 1, by appointment. She can also provide tarot card readings and palmistry.


Lipsology, founded by Jilly Eddy, is the art and science of lip print reading. Snodgrass is one of six lipsologists in the world and the only one on the East Coast of the United States, according to her website.

Snodgrass, of Bowie, has more than 33 years experience in palmistry, handwriting analysis and tarot, and became certified in lipsology about three years ago after being trained by Eddy. She was featured for a lipsology demonstration on "The Dr. Oz show."


Lip prints can indicate personality traits, energy levels, emotions and can even show certain things going on medically, such as when something is wrong in a certain part of the body, Snodgrass said.

"Their body wants them to do something differently," she said.

Snodgrass does lip print readings at events, such as bachelorette parties, spa events, weddings, prom events and bridal showers. She also goes to corporate events and even holds Skype parties.

"It's anything from birthdays to bar mitzvahs and everything in between," she said.

She brings lipstick and personalized kiss cards so people can have something to remember their readings by with notes about their lip prints.

The most common lip prints are triangle, which means a person is helpful and supportive to others, and rectangle, which means the person is a problem-solver who people come to in order to receive help.

At the Magnolia House Studios event in Union Mills, people can sign up for 15-minute private sessions where Snodgrass practices lipsology or gives other readings.

People should get their lip print analyzed because it's enjoyable and interesting, she said.


"The main reason that someone would get their lip print read is just out of curiosity," she said. "It's about what's going on with you at the moment."

Lipsology doesn't predict the future, and not just women, but also men, get lip print readings despite having to use lipstick, Snodgrass said.

"It's about using lipstick as a print medium," she said.

Lipsology is a blast, and Snodgrass loves helping people find a happier path forward, she said.

"I love giving people a bit of joy," she said. "I love helping people see some insight about themselves. I'm smiling from the beginning of an event to the end of an event."

Jaqui MacMillan, who owns and operates Magnolia House, said she's been friends with Snodgrass for several years.


"I was one of her first readings when she was training years ago," she said.

One of the things she remembers about her reading is that her lip print showed she's compassionate, loving and giving. People can get new readings over time because their lips change, and Snodgrass often gives people suggestions after a reading.

"I loved my reading," she said. "It was very accurate and it made so much sense."

Lipsology readings fit well into Magnolia House's mission. It's a new-age shop with yoga classes, drumming and crystals for sale, MacMillan said.

The event allows people to see the shop that offers different workshops and classes. A lot of people see that lipsology is very interesting once they try it, MacMillan said.

"It's not like fortune telling," she said. "It's more like a counseling session."