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Letter: Candidate relates leanings, principles

My name is Matthew P. Holbert, and I am writing as a concerned citizen of Carroll County and these United States of America, as well as a candidate for commissioner of Carroll County in Westminster.

As a Jeffersonian Republican, I have classically liberal leanings and principles that adhere to the constitution. Consequentially, things like the rain tax are abhorrent to me and represent an affront to natural rights and common sense. Moreover, I believe that the restriction of medical cannabis to research is both clinically redundant and practically insensitive to human beings that are alive, withholding them their dignity and magnifying an already dehumanized sufferance. This is a human rights issue and must be addressed with all seriousness and decency that such matters require.


As a thinking, breathing person, I am also concerned about education and the implementation of common core curriculum in Carroll County, as well as the rest of this country. I believe that any time a centrally planned system is administered it kills a little more of the creative spirit that innately exists within the human being, and reduces them to an obedient robot instead of an expressive impression of the divine reality. As a philosopher instead of a politician, common core hurts me to my uncommon core, and causes me to lament a future without critical thinking and cognitive freedom.

As I have said, I am not a politician. I am a philosopher, and would work for the betterment of the community, rather than my own glorification and power. As a left-leaning Republican, I can assure both sides of the isle that I will work with both camps to ensure what is best for everyone, rather than dictatorially administer my will upon the population. My desire is to create a brighter world through unity and honesty, rather than bow down in prostration to a corporate monstrosity.


Matthew P. Holbert


The writer is a Republican candidate for county commissioner representing District 3.