They have different styles, deliveries and backgrounds, but they all have the same goal: They all want to make you laugh.

In addition to the stand-up comics commonly found in this region, others in the community manage to be funny in creative ways.


Paul Davis Griffin

Who he is: The McDaniel College senior is a regular in his school's theater productions. He just completed a run as Wilbur Turnblad in "Hairspray." Griffin is also starting to make a name for himself online via YouTube. His videos have garnered more than 1 million hits, and he has nearly 14,000 subscribers.

What he does: Well, he yells a lot, and usually it's done from his seat on a couch. Most of Griffin's videos focus on discussions with his buddies. His girlfriend Mae Alexander makes regular appearances. So do his beloved cats. Earlier this year, Griffin posted videos about what the world would be like if humans were dogs and cats. He attempted to catch a Frisbee in his mouth. His videos are at

"I'm a fan of Paul's comic timing, and also the seriousness of his dedication to the work," said Elizabeth van den Berg, the theater department chairwoman at McDaniel College. "His rehearsal process is fantastic. He brings new ideas to every rehearsal, and is willing to go quite far out on a limb with physical and vocal choices for each character that he develops."

Dave Thomen

Who he is: Thomen is the operator of D's Magic and Mr. Dave's Magic. He's a magician who has a knack for generating laughs from his guests no matter how old, or young, they are. He was inspired to try magic as a youth after watching performer Harry Blackstone Jr. do it in Hershey, Pa.

What he does: Thomen performs a variety of different shows, which are always catered to the audience. Among his regular gigs are weekly performances from 6-8 p.m. Wednesdays at Greenmount Station in Hampstead, where dinner can include a few tricks.

Tom Crowl

Who he is: When Crowl is on stage, his good pal Dangerous Dudley Duck usually isn't too far away. Crowl, of Westminster, is a comedy ventriloquist with three decades of performing experience. When Crowl is on stage with Dangerous Dudley Duck, the crowd needs to be on alert. The duck's been known to crack some one-liners at the expense of his audience. And he makes fun of Crowl, too, of course.

What he does: Crowl performs for all kinds of audiences, typically at corporate events. But every once in awhile, Crowl, the duck and the rest of his friends can be found at a public event in the county. He performed at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster earlier this year.

"I love the fact that he can do a squeaky clean family-friendly show as well as a PG-13 show," Carroll County Arts Council Executive Director Sandy Oxx said. "Not an easy feat, but Tom does it."