Governor hosts brunch to celebrate Chanukah

Governor Martin O'Malley and Catherine O'Malley, and Leonard Attman, Phyllis Attman and members of the Attman family light the Chanukah menorah.
Governor Martin O'Malley and Catherine O'Malley, and Leonard Attman, Phyllis Attman and members of the Attman family light the Chanukah menorah. (Submitted Photo , Carroll County Times)

The day after a joyous Christmas party with constituents, Governor and Mrs. O'Malley were also the gracious hosts celebrating the Chanukah holiday at the Government House in Anapolis with a lavish tasty brunch catered by Monroe Zeffert (Zeffert & Gold).

The philanthropic Phyllis and Leonard Attman provided many holiday garnishes. Note: This same week of Chanukah, Phyllis and Len celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary! We all join in wishing Phyllis and Len "happy anniversary!" Every anniversary is special; next year will be extra special, their biggie 60th!

Israel (Izzy) Patoka, the friendly and very efficient executive director of the Governor's Office of Community Initiatives, welcomed the several hundred guests at the Government House entrance.

A key component in celebration of Chanukah is the magnificent Menorah, beautifully designed by Zachary Oxman, commissioned nine years ago by Phyllis and Len Attman in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.

This very meaningful Menorah, named "The Festival of Lights," was first created for the White House collection of American Crafts and is currently located in the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The short program agenda continued with Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein, chaplain, with the Jewish Social Services Agency discussing the brief history/symbolism of Chanukah.

Next on the agenda was traditional lighting of all eight Chanukah candles.

Rabbi Ron Shulman, Chizuk Amuno Congregation presided over the impressive lighting of the eight candles.

#1 candle: Governor and Mrs. Martin O'Malley

#2 candle: Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and his wife Karmen Walker Brown

#3 candle: Brothers, Eddie and Leonard Attman and the Attman family

#4 candle: Local government officials

- Ken Ulman, Howard County

- Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County

- Jeffrey Slavin, Town of Somerset

- Joshua Cohen, Mayor of Annapolis

#5 candle: Israeli Embassy Representatives: Oren Marmorstein and Joshua Sztorc

#6 candle: Jewish Councils and Federations

- Greater Washington, Joe Sandler, Ron Galber

- Howard County: Rob Kahn, Michelle Ostroff

- Associated: Howard Friedman

- Federation of Greater Washington: Stuart Kurklander, Steve Rakitt

- Federation of Jewish Women of Maryland: Eve Vogelstein, Lynda Weinstein

#7 candle: Judicial elected officials

- Judges Krauser, Friedman, Shugar

- States Attorney, Doug Gansler

- Baltimore City States Attorney: Gregg Bernstein

#8 candle: Members of the Maryland General Assembly

WOW! An impressive list of people at Government House, Annapolis, lighting the traditional Chanukah candles on this magnificent menorah designed by Zachary Oxman!

This lovely Chanukah program ended with Rabbi Ron Shulman of the Chizuk Amuno Congregation with additional comments regarding the Chanukah holiday.

Mega thanks behind the scene the involvement of Governor and Mrs. Martin O'Malley, Izzy Patoka, Len and Phyllis Attman, Monroe Zeffert caterer for his delicious brunch that included a plethora of Jewish food that included lox, bagels, cream cheeses, egg salad, tuna salad, white fish, koogle, pizza bagels etc. plus a yummy assortment of tasty desserts.

Rick Lipenholtz was one of several fotogs, Kol Chaim Orchestra provided the enjoyable music.

Thanks also to additional Government House staffers Jim Matthews, Ruth Roadermel, Liz Hines and others.

A special thank you to Phyllis and Len Attman for the generous donation of traditional Chanukah items available to the many guests.

Among the several hundred guests in addition to Phyllis and Len Attman, Eddie Attman and many of the Attman family, Rabbi Josh Sherwin, the new Rabbi at our Naval Academy in Anapolis, Zachary Oxman, designer of the beautiful Menorah, Eve Vogelstein, Lynda Weinstein, Paula and Paul Hollinger, Judge Chaya and Howard Friedman, Dr Oscar Brilliant, Jo Anne and Rob Brilliant plus many more Chanukah guests too numerable to list due to space limitations.

Thank you everyone for your involvement and this enjoyable holiday party.

The year 2012 is now history! This columnist and tween/teen/young adult columnists hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Chanukah, a Merry Christmas and a fab Kwanzaa. Also, best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy new year 2013!

JWV Chanukah celebration

Jewish War Veterans-Rodger C. Snyder Memorial Post 117, Maryland Free State Post 167 and Paul D Savanuck Shaarei Zion Memorial Post 888 and its Ladies Auxiliaries, jointly, celebrated Chanukah with traditional bagels, cream cheese, potato latkes, etc. at an enjoyable Chanukah party.

Steve Flynn, singing the songs of Sinatra, provided the great entertainment!

An added bonus, all the guests brought holiday gifts, a tradition they do every Chanukah, to benefit sick children at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital!

Several hundred attendees equals several hundred "Wish List" holiday gifts for the kids at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital! Todah Rabbah!

Have and enjoy a terrific week! Everyone, yes, everyone!

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