Chair Shots: WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin vs a cell phone
(AP file photo, Carroll County Times)

As Times features writer Brandon Oland and I were discussing whether Stone Cold Steve Austin would return to the WWE for a match at next year's WrestleMania in New York/New Jersey, an email popped up in my inbox, coincidentally titled: "Is Steve Austin Still Tough?"

What are the odds, right? Turns out the email was from someone with LPI Communications, a PR firm that was shilling the new Kyocera DuraMax, a push-to-talk phone on Sprint's network that is apparently built to military specs.

The email included a link to a near 4-minute vdieo pitting Austin against the new phone. While I have no desire to purchase a military-grade phone (although I did once ruin a phone by diving into a pool with it in my shorts pocket ... whoops), the video is good for a laugh.

It's imbedded below. Enjoy!