The staff and many of the clients at West End Place Adult Day Care in Westminster show off their Purple Pride the day after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII.
The staff and many of the clients at West End Place Adult Day Care in Westminster show off their Purple Pride the day after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII. (Submitted Photo , Carroll County Times)

Households across Carroll County were up late Sunday night, watching the last suspenseful quarter of Super Bowl XLVII and the post-game interviews and celebrations.

Regardless of the excitement fans had experienced less than 12 hours earlier, for most people, it was back to work Monday morning, but that didn't mean the celebration stopped.

Julia Kinsey, an instructional assistant with the BEST program at East Middle School in Westminster, said she and her husband Michael went to the Ravens rally in Westminster Friday and were on pins and needles Sunday, waiting for the big game. After seeing the Ravens victorious, it was hard to shift back to their regular routine Monday.

"We were up late and it was a little tough to get moving this morning," Kinsey wrote in an email. "But, once out and about, it was awesome to feel and share the excitement with everybody."

Kinsey said there was a giddy mood in the air at her school Monday, and some good-natured ribbing going on between the Ravens fans and Steelers fans at the school, though one admitted he was rooting for the Ravens Sunday so that the San Francisco 49ers wouldn't surpass the Steelers' Super Bowl record six victories.

Kinsey and her husband, who works in Urbana, are planning to meet in Baltimore today to celebrate with thousands of other Ravens fans at M&T Stadium. When she told her coworkers, several said they were jealous, she said.

"One even said that tomorrow all of Maryland should have the day off to celebrate," she said.

Becky Prodoehl, of Westminster, said she was 16 when the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV, and remembers her stepfather Dick White taking her to the victory parade in 2001.

"My dad allowed my sisters and I to miss school so he could take us to the parade," Proedoehl wrotein an email. "We stood on Pratt Street in front of the Renaissance Hotel. I remember it like it was yesterday - it was amazing!"

So when the Ravens beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship two weeks ago, Prodoehl said she called White and insisted he take her and her sisters to the next victory parade if the Ravens won.

"He said it's a deal," she said. Prodoehl even went to their house in Parkville Monday night so they could get an early start into the city today.

Charity Reed, of Taneytown, is a mother planning to take her daughters, Carly, 14, and MaKenna, 10, to the parade today.

"It's going to be a 'history field trip,' " Reed said with a laugh, noting that the game was historic for being both Ray Lewis's final game and the last for her family as Maryland residents.

The Reed family sold their house in December, and her husband has moved to Tennessee ahead of the rest of the family to start a new job and look for a house for them to move into. In the mean time, Charity Reed and her daughters have been staying with her family, and plan to move to Tennessee in the next few weeks.

While their father has been away, the Ravens games are something the girls have been able to bond over with their father, Reed said. They talk and text each other during and after the games, sharing in their Ravens fandom while separated.

"It's kind of been a connector for the whole family," she said.

Reed said she is sure the Ravens will win more Super Bowls in the future, but this was her family's last time to be Ravens fans living in Maryland. So she decided to pull the girls out of school today to make the welcome home for the Ravens a farewell experience for her family.

Monday, she said she was hitting the mall, hoping to buy some Ravens paraphernalia to take with them today, since most of it had already been packed away when they sold their home. Her top wish item: a Ravens Super Bowl XLVII commemorative football to take down to M&T Stadium.

"Hopefully we can get some signatures on it," she said.

Some work places openly embraced a continued celebration of the Ravens' win. At West End Place Adult Day Care in Westminster, staff and many of the 25 clients present Monday came fully decked out in purple, with hats, masks and face paint.

The center was supposed to have its Super Bowl party Friday but it was canceled due to the snow and rescheduled for Monday, said Katie Cashman, regional director of elder services for Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland.

"We're now calling it our victory party," she said.

Clients at the center enjoyed crab cakes and Ravens cupcakes for lunch, and made Ravens masks and key chains.

While Mondays can be a slow around the center as people make the weekly transition from weekend to weekdays, Cashman said she noticed a buoyancy in the air Monday.

"I don't think the smiles came off everyone's faces yet [from the win]," she said.

At Wastler Auto Service in Taylorsville, the store's LED message center sign off Md. 27 was converted Monday from posting deals at the store to a photo image of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco with both arms raised in the air.

"It was really cool to be able to put that up on the sign," said Dave Wastler, owner. "That sign is the most awesome thing I've ever done - just about any image I can download, I can upload on the sign."

Wastler said a lot of his customers and employees are Ravens fans, and the sign is a way to continue celebrating the win with the wider community.

"It's cool to join in their celebration and bring a little joy into the world - we need that these days," he said with a laugh. "It gets people talking and lets them know that we're connected and we are a local business, locally-owned and operated and not some big chain store that's out of touch with what's going on in the community."