Local Auto Racing Results

DATE: July 5
RACE: 25-lap 358 Sprint Feature
WINNER: Brad McClelland, Westminster
RACE NOTES: Randy Whisler led nonstop from the green flag for 13 laps, when his car made contact with Brian Allman, sending Whisler's car into a wild end-over-end flip onto the first turn wall. Brad McClelland inherited the lead for the restart. From there McClelland led Cris Eash until Eash's car broke on the frontstretch on the 19th lap, putting McClelland's archrival this season, points leader Jeff Rohrbaugh, into second. However, McClelland drove away to win by 1.2 seconds for his third win in the 358 sprints past four programs. Rohrbaugh finished second, Tim Wagaman third, Austin Hogue fourth and Issac Sneeringer fifth.
RACE: 25-lap 358 Late Model Feature
WINNER: Gene Knaub, Dover, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap Street Stock Feature
WINNER: Craig Wagaman, Abbottstown, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap 270cc Micro Sprint Feature
WINNER: Nik Gower, Hanover, Pa.
CARROLL FINISHERS: 3rd Steven Cox, Finksburg; 4th Brent Bull, Hampstead; 8th Michael Boer, Hampstead; 13th Patrick Donahue, Westminster.
DATE: July 3
RACE: 30-lap Pennsylvania Speedweek 410 Super Sprint Feature
WINNER: Dave Blaney, Cortland, Ohio
RACE NOTES: NASCAR Sprint Cup's Dave Blaney flew from Charlotte, N.C., to race in the 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek event and timed fifth quick but after Logan Schuchart didn't qualify, Blaney had the pole in the four-car invert with Danny Lasoski sitting alongside and Sam Hafertepe Jr and quick timer Mike Wagner starting in row two. Blaney grabbed the lead at the drop of the green and pulled ahead of Lasoski while Greg Hodnett and Lance Dewease quickly grabbed third and fourth. Blaney had a 1.5-second lead when he started through the rear of the field on lap 12 as Lasoski and Hodnett closed in and were running a length apart. Blaney was still maintaining traffic control when Robbie Kendall spun on lap 22 as Dewease went around Hodnett. Dewease charged alongside Lasoski but the caution came out the following lap when Donnie Kreitz spun. Blaney wasn't shaking Lasoski over the final laps as he stormed off just a length ahead of Lasoski and Dewease. Hodnett finished fourth and Fred Rahmer completed the top five. Blaney's victory was worth $5,000.
DATE: July 4
RACE: Kevin Gobrecht Memorial / 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek 30-lap 410 Super Sprint Feature
WINNER: Stevie Smith, Broken Arrow, OK
RACE NOTES: Stevie Smith set fast time and drew pill No. 8 for the inversion putting him on the outside of row. Speedweek points leader Sam Hafertepe, Jr. started outside the front row and and led the first three laps before third-place starter Brent Marks took the lead on lap four. Smith moved into fourth by the end of the second lap. He caught polesitter J.J. Grasso for third on lap four. From there, Marks pulled away to a 2.66-second lead by the time the leader hit lapped traffic on lap 11. Smith followed Marks and Hafertepe the next two laps before Grasso spun in turn four while running fourth, bringing out the only caution of the race on lap 13. Marks, Hafertepe, and Smith ran first through third the next six laps, and a surging Alan Krimes entered the picture when he caught Brian Montieth for fourth on lap 18. With six laps to go, Smith finally caught Hafertepe for second, and Krimes caught Hafertepe for third a lap later. The race quickly became a three-car battle. Smith grabbed the lead from Marks as the three leaders drove nearly side-by-side under the white flag. Smith was scored the leader of the lap, and held off both Marks and Krimes in another three-wide run for the checkered flag. Smith picked up $7,000 for his victory. Marks finished second, Krimes third, Hafertepe fourth and Danny Dietrich fifth.
RACE: 15-lap Legend Car Feature
WINNER: Scott Haudeshell, Marysville, Pa.
DATE July 6
RACE: 20-lap All American Outlaw Feature
WINNER: Randy Doty, Hanover, Pa.
CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Fred Cullum, Manchester Fred Cullum also won his heat race. 3rd Paul Todd, Westminster; 4th Scott Jorda, Westminster Scott Jorda also won his heat race; 5th Steve Jorda, Westminster; 6th Brook Coleman, Mt. Airy; 9th Jim Chenoweth, Sykesville; 10th Carnie Fryfogle, Manchester; 12th Brittany Coleman, Mt. Airy; 13th Justin Cullum, Manchester; 14th Tony Jorda, Westminster; 17th Al Daniels, Mt. Airy
RACE: 20-lap 358 Sprint Feature
WINNER: Ryan Wilson, Maytown, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap 305 Sprint Feature
WINNER: Cody Lehman, Enola, Pa.
DATE: July 5
RACE: Mitch Smith Memorial / 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek 30-lap 410 Super Sprint Feature
WINNER: Danny Dietrich, Aspers, Pa.
RACE NOTES: Donnie Kreitz started on the pole with Brady Bacon and grabbed the lead at the drop of the green. Bacon flipped in the first turn with one lap completed and brought out the red flag. No injuries reported. Danny Dietrich started third and was in second for the restart. He started to hound Kreitz for the lead, but couldn't make the slide-job work in turns three and four. Fast timer Greg Hodnett started eighth and was up to third after battling with Brent Marks and Fred Rahmer. For a while, the top five drivers were racing only a few car lengths apart. Dietrich was next to Kreitz in turn three on lap 16, but couldn't clear the pass and fell back into second. The next time around, he tried it again and made the move work and was the new leader with 18 laps completed. Dietrich would go unchallenged over the final 12 laps for his third win of 2013 at the Grove and Kreitz would hold off Greg Hodnett for second. Hodnett finished third, Brent Marks fourth and Logan Schuchart passed Rahmer to complete the top five. Dietrich picked up $10,000 for his victory.
DATE: July 6
RACE: 20-lap Super Sportsman Feature
WINNER: Scoot Dellinger, Lewisberry, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap 358 Late Model Feature
WINNER: Randy Stoudt, Pottstown, Pa.
RACE: 15-lap Street Stock 6/29 make-up Feature
WINNER: Bob Gutshall, Harrisburg, Pa.
RACE: 15-lap Street Stock Feature
WINNER: Craig Morgan, Halifax, Pa.
DATE: July 6
RACE: 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek 30-lap 410 Super Sprint Feature
WINNER: Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap Late Model Feature
WINNER: Nick Dickson
CARROLL FINISHERS: 15th Chaz Walls, Taneytown; 19th Glenn Elliott, Sykesville Elliott also won his heat race
DATE: July 6
RACE: 30-lap 358 Sprint Feature
WINNER: Jason Shultz, Carlisle, Pa.
RACE: 25-lap Late Model Feature
WINNER: Jim Bernheisel, Lebanon, Pa.
RACE: 15-lap Pro Stock Feature
WINNER: Brad Mitch, McClure, Pa.
RACE: 12-lap Roadrunner Feature
WINNER: Bob Bussey, Northumberland, Pa.
DATE: July 3
RACE: 20-lap Classic Cars Feature
WINNER: Matt Wallace, Mount Airy
CARROLL FINISHER: 6th Pete Neal, Taneytown
RACE: 20-lap 305 Sprint Feature
WINNER: Logan Wagner, Harrisonville, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap Sportsman Modified Feature
WINNER: Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap 600cc Micro Sprint Feature
WINNER: Tyler Walton, Mifflintown, Pa.
RACE: 20-lap Legend Car Feature
WINNER: Scott Gobrecht, New Oxford, Pa.
WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY: July 12 7:30 pm 410 Super Sprints and 358 Sprints
July 13 6:30 pm Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models, and Street Stocks
TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY: July 12 7:30 pm 358 Sprints, Limited Stocks, Street Stocks, and 600cc Micro Sprints
LINCOLN SPEEDWAY: July 13 7:30 pm 410 Super Sprints, 358 Sprints, and Thundercars
SELINSGROVE SPEEDWAY: July 20 7:30 pm 358 Sprint, Late Models, Pro Stocks, and Roadrunners
PORT ROYAL SPEEDWAY: July 13 7:00 pm 410 Super Sprints, Late Models, and Pro Stocks
HAGERSTOWN SPEEDWAY: July 13 6:00 pm 6th Annual Red Nininger Memorial 35-lap Late Model Feature, All American Outlaws, and 4-cylinder Stocks
SUSQUEHANNA SPEEDWAY: July 20 7:00 pm Super Sportsman, Late Models, Street Stocks, and PENNMAR Vintage Race Cars