Letter: Responsible leaders needed

I am a life-long resident and product of Carroll County schools.

I came back here to raise my family because I knew that this was a safe place to live and where my children could get a wonderful education.

Now, I wonder. Will my children feel the same? Will they want to move back to a county where public education and safety are constantly on the chopping block?

To be honest, in all my years of living here I have never seen a group of county commissioners preach small government but constantly tell professionals trained in these aforementioned areas how they should allocate funds.

Less government? Really?

Sounds like personal agenda's and intimidation tactics hiding behind this catch phrase to me. Thankfully, however, many are catching on to these tactics.

Yes, budgets are tough. We need commissioners to work with our largest employer, our school system, and public safety officials to help our county remain attractive so that people will want to live and work here.

When businesses are looking to open, they want a strong area where employees want to live.

When employees are looking for home, the vast majority research schools and public safety before deciding where to locate.

How can we attract businesses, employees and residents if we are not willing to support safety and education? Who is going to come if residents/parents have to consistently fight for these rights with officials who supposedly represent them?

"Less government" is not our answer. I believe the real answer is elected officials who will work together with the school system and with public safety officials toward productive solutions.

Easy? No.

But, it will be when elected officials can civilly sit down and have constructive conversations to help our county grow and prosper.

That is why Barbara Biller is getting my Republican vote in District 4. Biller is a responsible and successful business owner who will support safety and education. She will help Carroll County grow and prosper for years to come.

She won't use catch phrases. She will use knowledge, communication, and collaboration.

I do not know what the future holds for my children. But I do hope that when the time comes and they are ready to settle down and raise families of their own, that they consider coming back home because they know that Carroll County is a safe and wonderful place to raise a family.

Heidi Shorter

Mount Airy

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