Carroll County Times

Letter: Website helpful in deciding vote

Carroll County is certainly known for its conservative values, but not necessarily for having the most informed voters.

As the campaign signs go up for all the many Republican candidates, it's clear that Democrats have ceased to be relevant in this county, so how am I as a GOP voter to decide who is a "true conservative" and whom I should vote for?

To aide my research I pulled up the local tea party site of We the People, since all of our present board of commissioners have been tea party supporters during their terms in office. What I learned was very informative. I learned that, despite their inclusive patriotic mission statement, they truly hate Democrats, but interestingly, they don't like a number of incumbent Republicans either.

In particular, they singled out Commissioner Doug Howard (Douggie they call him) and Sen. Joe Getty (Uncle Joe) for criticism. They also line up against public education funding and teachers in general.

So who and what do they like? Well it's obvious they support commissioners Richard Rothschild and Robin Frazier, and they support the Second Amendment. No shocker there. They are clear in support of a Christian state and praise sectarian prayers at government meetings; openly bashing federal Judge William Quarles for his recent decision preventing them in Carroll County. They also support the rogue Nevada cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, who owes more than a million in back taxes and fines. This is the guy who claims publicly he's not a racist and that his comments about blacks being better off "picking cotton" were misinterpreted by the media. Really.

We the People is anti-gay marriage, anti-Common Core and anti-immigrant, so it's not surprising that they support the House GOP's ongoing fight to protect people's right to die without health insurance. They deny global warming as a Democratic hoax and apparently believe kooky UN Agenda 21 conspiracy theories too. I'm guessing they probably believe that Obama is a socialist Muslim and wasn't born in the U.S., but I really didn't need to read any more to know what kind of GOP candidates We the People supports. That would be the extreme right wing fringe of the GOP, so it's exactly whom I would never support.

We the People certainly made my candidate selection easier. All I have to do is find out who they endorse and simply vote for any other person.

Ross Dangel