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Letter: Better options for health care

Ruth Whitlock's Nov. 3 Sound Off shows how frustrated people are with trying to understand the confusing issues with health insurance.
The entire issue of Time Magazine on March 4 was devoted to the extreme problems and high costs of the U.S. health care system.
This issue, entitled, "The Bitter Pill," by Steven Brill, founder of Court TV and American Lawyer, an the CEO of Journalism on Line, clearly exposes the way health care insurers and medical institutions are profit driven.
Quoting Brill: "Put simply, with Obamacare we have changed the rules related to who pays for what, but we haven't done much to change the prices we already pay. When you follow the money, you see the choices we've made, knowlngly or unknowingly.
"Over the past decades, we have enriched the labs, drug companies, medical device makers, hospital administrators, and purveyors of CT scans, MRIs, canes and wheelchairs. Meanwhile, we have squeezed the doctors who don't own their own clinics, don't work as drug or device consultants or don't otherwise game a system that is so gameable. And of course, we have squeezed everyone outside the system who gets stuck with the bills."
I find Brill right on target here. U.S. citizens are paying unfairly.
"We've created a secure prosperous island in an economy that is suffering under the weight of the riches those on the island extract," Brill continues. "And we have allowed those on the island and their lobbyists and allies to control the debate, diverting us from what Gerard Anderson, a health care economist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health, says is obvious and only issue: 'All the prices are too damn high.'"
If you had a single-payer system which would eliminate most insurance companies, reduce the mountains of paperwork and would cover everyone from birth to death, citizens would benefit greatly and doctors would still have excellent pay according to services rendered.
Folk, please read and gather facts on this issue, not what TV media chooses to tell you.
Doris Ann Pierce
New Windsor