Ken Timmerman, candidate for Congress in Maryland's 8th congressional district, has taken an impressive stand on freedom.

I am referring to his response to the incident involving Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident. Readers will recall that Chen had been under house arrest by the Chinese government for his peaceful, but outspoken, dissent of the Chinese policy of one-child-per-couple, which sometimes results in government-forced abortions. How chilling to imagine such an oppressive government. As some readers know, Chen escaped house arrest and was able to make it to the safety of the American embassy.

But in a shocking move and to the dismay of many freedom lovers around the world, the American embassy (and, thus, the Obama administration) did not take Chen under its wing. Instead, it allowed him to be removed to a local hospital with no protection from the USA.

Timmerman did not hesitate to call on Secretary Hillary Clinton to remedy the situation. He stated quickly and boldly, out of conviction for what is right, that Clinton should immediately place Chen under the safety of the American flag, and then remove this brave activist and his family to the United States, where we still have much of our freedom. (Albeit, an unborn baby in our country destined for abortion has no freedom at all).

Timmerman boldly upheld what is right. He boldly declared the gross error of the Obama administration's reaction of releasing Chen out of American protection. Chen, being a good man, maybe a rare man, who is brave enough to speak the truth when the truth can get you punished by house imprisonment, if not worse.

Now, the Obama administration has done an about-face and has agreed to bring Chen and his family to our great country. As of Tuesday, the willingness of the Chinese government to release Chen and his family was still uncertain, but what is certain in my mind is that the swift outcry from people like Timmerman surely had an impact on our government's reversal of its prior action.

Timmerman appears to be a man, like Chen Guangcheng, a good man with convictions on freedom.

Marian Falkenstine