Letter: Write about the positives too

On Sunday the



published its annual list of the salaries of Carroll County Public School employees, as well as a front-page article about how teachers can earn money over an above their base salaries, highlighting one teacher in particular.

For the remainder of the time you publish the list, I'd like to see you include a front page article about what our school employees do each day that can't be quantified in a drop-down menu.


My fourth grade daughter's health teacher calls me every time a topic comes up she thinks may cause my daughter anxiety. The assistant principal at William Winchester Elementary School worked tirelessly with my kindergartner this year to make sure he was successful.

Our bus driver says good morning to both of my kids by name every day, and asks about them when one of them has been sick. For 7 1/2 hours every day, there are people -- some of whom I've never met -- who teach and take care of and love my kids as if they were their own.

Please put some of those stories on your front page. Surely your readers have a right to know that information, too.

Alison King