What do Oriole baseball superstar, Manny Machado and I have in common?
Age? Come on, he's 21.
Skill? Absolutely not. I never made an eye-popping play in my life.
An accident? Yes.
As thousands watched, Manny ran on the baseball diamond and injured his knee. As no one watched, I tripped and fell in the kitchen and injured my shoulder.
A torn rotator cuff, diagnosed the orthopedic surgeon, adding:
"Start tomorrow with 6 weeks of physical therapy, three times per week...or surgery."
I'm counting on aggressive rehab to teach other shoulder muscles to take over the job of lifting my arm over my head. Surgery is not in my thinking.
Manny is off to surgery and rehab. With prospects facing him of a stellar career, good wishes follow him from all Orioles fans.
My injury is in a more mundane league. I'm in a hurry for recovery in order to make everyday chores easier. No question; when you're right-handed the left hand is an awkward substitute.
Everyone sympathizes but my grandsons and granddaughters did even more.
They searched on their iPads to find athletes in various sports who have returned to top competition after recovering from "my" injury.
When Drew Brees, an NFL quarterback, suffered a torn rotator cuff, he was dropped from his team. After recovery he was picked up by the New Orleans Saints.
Brees was the MVP in the 2008 Super Bowl won by the Saints, with whom Brees still plays.
In international tennis, Maria Sharapova recovered from a torn rotator cuff and has returned to top tennis competition.
Robert Griffin lll - like Manny - suffered a knee injury while playing quarterback for the Washington Redskins. After treatment and rehab he's back this year with the team.
And closer to home, a teenage friend of mine, after treatment for a bruised rotator cuff has returned to both soccer and lacrosse at Franklin High.
My Reisterstown physical therapist, I know, will give my injury his best shot.
Believe me, I'm determined to be his best patient.
Addendum: I received a letter today telling me wonderful news.
Happily, the letter said that the results of a recent mammogram were normal. How thankful I am for that reassurance.
I hope you have received a similar letter.
Don't be one of those head-in-the-sand types who "doesn't have time" to schedule a mammogram.
Make an appointment TODAY - or sooner!