Orioles Face-Off: Bring Gausman up now

The Orioles top prospect that is actually pitching, Kevin Gausman, agreed to a $4.32 million shortly after he was drafted.

Sounds like a good chunk of change for a guy who hadn't thrown a professional pitch at the time, right?

It is a lot of money, and that is one of the reasons why he should be pitching against the Red Sox and Yankees and not some Class-AA opponent.

I'm sure Jake will try to say he shouldn't be rushed and try to give some other reasons, but I'm not buying it.

You can't rush a guy that pitched big-time college baseball at LSU because he won't gain anything from dominating inferior hitters on the minor league level.

In 40 1-3 innings Gausman has struck out 39 batters and walked just four, signs of a polished pitcher that is ready for promotion.

Did anyone see Freddy Garcia or Zach Clark pitch this year? Clark's appearance was so terrible, he got sent down and has since started the process of becoming a knuckleballer.

Now Wei-Yin Chen is injured and his return date is up in the air. When a team is paying a guy so much money, he needs to be throwing his pitches in the majors - not Bowie.

The way pitchers are babied now is absolutely absurd and the Orioles are making a bad decision.

Zach Britton, Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta have two things in common.

One, none of the trio was "rushed" to the bigs and two, all three of them stink as starting pitchers so that argument isn't valid.

Dylan Bundy, before the injury, and Gausman should have been front runners for the rotation from the start of spring training.

Yes, I know Gausman is only 1-4 at Bowie, but its lineup is terrible and barren. He will take his lumps, but when a guy gets paid that much, it's time to find out what you're investing in.

How much longer can the Orioles last with retread pitchers and scrubs, especially when the Yankees have Michael Pineda almost ready to return and Boston's Clay Buchholz seemingly righting himself after a couple of rough seasons. The Birds can't afford to fall behind.

Besides, they don't have any tradable assets in the minors to acquire a top pitcher so they are going to have to promote from within.

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