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Letter: Vote Kasten for county Sheriff

Hearing that Sheriff Ken Tregoning was planning to retire, I got in contact with Col. Phil Kasten encouraging him to run for the office.

Excellent law enforcement is important to our quality of life. Community oriented policing is Kasten's style. Starting his career in the town police in Hampstead taught him the value of building relationships, and he is known for positive associations locally and statewide.

No other candidate compares to Kasten's exact experience.

His entire law enforcement career has been in Carroll County. The Board of Commissioners designated the Sheriff's Office as primary law enforcement for the county several years ago. Kasten was instrumental in making that transition happen ahead of schedule and under budget.

In addition to having the right experience, relationships and demeanor, he is simply a good guy. He is dedicated to his family. His wife, Kay, is an important part of the campaign team and his four school-aged children are involved as well.

Many letters have been sent praising or criticizing various candidates. I am always amused to see them signed by campaign team members or others close to the candidate without any acknowledgement of the obvious bias. I'll make no bones about it. I was on the Kasten for Sheriff team before it was even formed. I am proud to say I am a small business owner, homeschooling mom, Republican Central Committee member, conservative supporter of Kasten.

I hope you'll join me in voting Kasten for Sheriff on June 24.

Karen Leatherwood