Letter: Romney clearly the best choice

It's been said many times, but I guess everyone missed it. Mitt Romney gave away his inheritance and built what he has on his own.

The fortune he has now he has earned by hard work, perseverance and working well with people. Also -- news flash -- rich people, or small business owners employ people and create wealth.

If all the assets of the rich, not just money from higher taxes, were confiscated, that wouldn't be a drop in our $16 trillion debt bucket. We live in a global economy. We have to compete with countries with lower tax rates. Guess who gets the investment dollars?

I would rather this country be run by a man who understands the private sector enough to prosper than by a man who caters to the big unions and wants to "redistribute the wealth." My wealth can't take any more redistribution.

If Romney made it to the 1 percent level, so what? He has several Cadillacs. At least he bought American, right GM? Romney pays his own way in life and has given generously to charity for decades. Obama uses our tax dollars, the White House mansion, Camp David, Air Force One, Marine One and countless gas guzzling SUVs.

Our president is eating up the future wealth of our kids and grandkids with a gluttonous government. He rammed through a health care system whose cost was grossly underestimated during the congressional "process" so that it would be palatable to a gullible populace. The president's children and grandchildren will be in the 1 percent because of his political maneuvering and personal wealth, which he will accumulate without redistribution. Bill Clinton isn't exactly poor either.

I am a senior citizen, not rich, but I'm fine. It's not about me. It's about the coming generations. They are strapped with Obama's debt.

Romney may not be a glib smoothie, a good singer or late night show guest, but he is able to run this country. Unfortunately now, in America, perception is everything. Ability is somehow lost in the quest for likeability.

If you are ill and need a brain surgeon, do you want the most competent one, or the charming guy with the warm smile? In combat, do you want your leader to be brave and smart, or the handsome one with the nicest uniform? One way or another, we are making that choice this November.

Linda Gadow