Letter: Campaign manager calls for support

Have you ever thought the elected officials in Congress are a little out of touch with the problems regular everyday folks are facing in 2012? What can we either individually or in combination do to change that unfortunate reality?

There's a primary election coming on April 3. How much do you know about the four Republican candidates running to match up against Democrat incumbent Rep. Chris Van Hallen for District 8 in Congress?

Did you know only one graduated from South Carroll High School? Did you know only one is a business owner that has done business in all three counties that make up District 8, namely Carroll, Howard and Montgomery counties? Did you know that only one is a member of the South Carroll Republican Club?

I've met three of the four candidates running as Republicans. I know one of these gentleman well. I'm sure the other candidates are fine individuals, but I've been a friend of Dave Wallace for many years. He's stood by me when others did not.

I trust him to stand up to people like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in the halls of Congress. Find out everything you can about all of your primary choices then vote. Check out their websites. Ask friends and family what they've heard about the candidates.

We've got a new map for districts lines. We've got a great opportunity for sending a message to the powerful forces that created the map. What is the message you want to send with your vote and your voice?

Michael D. Zimmer


The writer is campaign chair for Carroll County for Dave Wallace.

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