Costumes reflect the times

What a mixture - a hurricane and Halloween both on the way.

A snow surprise occurred last year with the witches and goblins.

This year gale wind, torrential rain, dipping temperatures and - lets face it - probably thousands of power outages are the wild weather prelude to Halloween.

On the plus side, daylight saving time remains, thus giving young trick or treaters and their moms and dads a little more daylight.

Halloween, however, is supposed to be dark and spooky. Secretly, I remember being fearful of the whole business.

Moreover, I know I would have run screaming if a gorilla-clad figure had risen out of the trash can as I approached.

That sure fire gimmick was tried by my grandsons; little girls jumped two feet in the air.

Answering the knock of trick-or-treaters who come to my door gives me a great opportunity to asses what costumes are the year's big hit.

Some years ago Harry Potter was the "in" outfit. Outfits varied but all included Harry's trademark glasses and wand.

Since this is an election year, political look-alike masks might be in vogue. And surely there will be a Lady Gaga, green eye shadow et al.

Will a Michael Phelps look alike, complete with goggles and a speedo come knocking at my door?

Or perhaps an Olympic champion sporting multi-medals?

For really small fry and little girls who still want to look pretty instead of funny, the tried and true costumes come annually: Little Red Riding Hood complete with a basket of cookies for Grandma; Dorothy from Kansas with ruby slippers and Toto; and Cinderella holding a "glass" slipper. Throw in a few ballerinas and you have the usual mix.

Meanwhile, Halloween has become big time for adults who celebrate in costumes that defy description!

Have fun - and don't forget a flashlight to face whatever the weather brings!