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"Trouble with the Curve" has no trouble with heart

"Trouble with the Curve," the debut film by director Robert Lorenz, is a very good movie about the fragility of personal relationships and trying to fix those that are broken.

Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) is a long-time baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves.

Gus has found many good baseball players for the Braves over the years, but Gus' health and eyes are weakening.

Gus' friend and boss, Pete Klein (John Goodman) is concerned that Gus is not well and needs to spend some time with his estranged daughter, Mickey, (Amy Adams) to feel better.

Mickey reluctantly leaves her high pressure legal job in Atlanta, where she is up for a promotion.

Mickey's and Gus' initial time together is rough and bumpy.

Over time both Mickey's and Gus' relationship improve.

The game of baseball is what bonds Mickey and Gus together, especially now that the Atlanta Braves want Gus' baseball scouting information on hot prospect, Bo Gentry (Joe Massingill).

If Gus is wrong on Bo than Gus' career will probably be over.

This movie is rated PG-13 and will keep you emotionally interested.

Your heart will go out for both Gus and Mickey as they try to improve their personal and professionalism.

The characters and the script were very well developed.