Chair Shots: Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long official for WWE WrestleMania 28

It's official. The much-speculated (but probably not anticipated) Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long will happen at WWE WrestleMania 28. The 12-man tag team match was announced on "WWE letterhead" on today. The two general managers will start picking their teams tonight on Raw.

Which of course begs the question -- who will make up the two teams? Here is a look at 18 candidates.

Team Laurinaitis

David Otunga: Team Johnny can't be without his right-hand man, can it? Otunga gets a WrestleMania spot for the second year in a row.

Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio expressed his preference for the former Johnny Ace at Elimination Chamber. We haven't seen him since, but he's healthy and has been backstage at recent Raws. He won't miss WrestleMania.

Christian: See Del Rio. Christian is also recovering from injury. He should be ready to go for WrestleMania as part of Team Johnny.

Mark Henry: Like Del Rio and Christian, Henry made clear he was on Laurinaitis' side at Elimination Chamber, although he seems more anti-Teddy Long.

Kane: While the Big Red Monster doesn't really seem to care one way or the other about who the GM is, he was last seen ready to do Laurinaitis' bidding and take out Aksana on Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler: The WWE's resident Show-Off doesn't have a WrestleMania match, which is a travesty. He should get the nod here.

Jack Swagger: Figure Swagger to end up where ever Ziggler does. And Vickie Guerrero to be outside for Team Laurinaitis, with Aksana an "unofficial" member of Team Long.

The Miz: Personally, I'm more intrigued by Miz's angle of being left off the show; putting him in this match kind of ruins that. Let him do a run-in somewhere -- maybe in this match -- to try to make a point.

Drew McIntyre: The Sinister Scotsman got his job back by beating Hornswoggle on Smackdown, thanks to Laurinaitis. But Big Johnny might not want to chance someone with McIntyre's recent string of losses with his job on the line.


Team Long

Santino Marella: Like Otunga, the assistant to Smackdown's GM will be the cornerstone of the GM's team.

Kofi Kingston: I can only assume his presence with Long last week in the opening match of Raw was a harbinger of things to come.

R-Truth: He is Kingston's tag team partner for the team being, so he makes sense to be part of this team too.

The Great Khali: A Teddy Long favorite, he'll be added to the team to offset the presence of Henry as the resident big man.

Randy Orton: Do the Viper and Kane get a standalone match, or will they be part of these two teams?

Rey Mysterio: The Master of the 619 has targeted WrestleMania as a return date. If he's healthy enough, this would be a good spot for him to return where he won't be relied on as heavily.

Zack Ryder: Unlike Mysterio's injury, Ryder's is a kayfabe one, so he'll be back in time. He's obviously got some issues with Laurinaitis, who allowed his "injuries" to occur, but I think his focus would be on Eve instead.

Ezekiel Jackson: Like the Miz, he hasn't won a match yet in 2012. However, he was Long's hand-picked opponent for Otunga a few weeks ago. Losing to Otunga twice should be enough for Long not to pick Zeke again, but here's betting he does anyway, since Zeke's been getting more TV time lately.

Evan Bourne: Kofi Kingston's other tag team partner will be back from suspension on Saturday. Will he manage to get himself a WrestleMania pay day? Only if Mysterio isn't back in time.

My guesses:

Team Laurinaitis (Otunga, Del Rio, Christian, Henry, Ziggler and Swagger) vs. Team Long (Santino, Kofi, R-Truth, Khali, Ezekiel Jackson, Rey Mysterio)

Kane and Orton will get a standalone match. Zack Ryder will get a spot on the PPV involved in the Eve-Kelly Kelly angle; McIntyre and Bourne get the dark match, while Miz does some sort of promo and run-in for being left off the card.