Carroll County Times

Take another trip to "Oz"

"Oz The Great and Powerful" is nothing like "The Wizard of Oz" you grew up with.

What a journey the wizard (James Franco) takes us on as he travels to "Oz."

The movie starts out with small town circus magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) drifting away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant land of Oz in a hot air balloon.

When he arrives he meets up with a bellhop monkey, that follows him throughout his adventure.

Just when he think he's hit fame and fortune, he meets three witches.

Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachael Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams) aren't convinced he is the great wizard they're expecting.

Oscar, throughout his adventure, must figure out who is good and who is evil.

With a bit of his wizardry, Oscar makes himself not only a great and powerful wizard, but a better man as well.

This movie, as directed by Sam Raimi, is colorful, bright, magical, and bewitching.

Enjoy the film, as it's beautiful and mesmerizing.

So, come along and follow the yellow brick road.

Rated PG.