Technologically curious about daylight savings

Dear Bill Gates,

I must confess, that pre-daylight saving time, I manually turned back my watch.

Regaling me about my old-timey ways, my grandchildren explained, "Our iPhones do it for us."

Totally puzzled, I proceeded with non-21st century questions.

1. How does the iPhone know?

2. Who tells it?

3. If I were in California, would it adjust to that time?

Then I listened to a wordy - to me - complicated and lengthy explanations as to how today's technology works through the Internet.

Each one had his say and attempted explanations to modernize their grandmother.

Frustrated and amazed at my expression, one suggested that I write to Bill Gates. In two sentences of well chosen words, "I'm sure he'll make it clear to you."

So Bill, I'm taking their suggestion. I know iPhones come from your competitor, but if you could come up with Microsoft and all that implies, I'm sure you can answer my questions about how iPhones know when and how to turn back the time.


Eleanor Taylor

Incidentally, Ben Franklin, I thank you for coming up in the first place with daylight saving time.

No question, Bill, if you chatted with Ben, Microsoft, the Internet, and how an iPhone turns back time all would click in a minute in his mind.

They sure are two smart guys.

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