Coupon Corner: Getting the most out of your Keurig

I received a Keurig Vue coffee maker for Christmas, and while I'm not a coffee drinker, I love it for tea and cocoa, plus I really like the larger drink sizes you can brew with the Vue.

The only problem is that the smaller K-Cups are available everywhere, but cups for the Vue are not. Additionally, there are so many more coffee companies that make K-Cups than Vue; however, fewer cocoa and tea cups are available for both types, especially the Vue.

Bed Bath & Beyond has the best selection of cups for the Vue and you can save by using BB&B coupons for either 20 percent off or $5 off a purchase of $15 or more (although most cup packs are less than $15, so you'll have to purchase two boxes).

Grocery stores, Target and similar stores have a tremendous selection of K-Cups (but no Vue cups), many from specialty companies, and there are lots of coupons available, from Folgers and Lipton to Newman's.

I wondered if I could use K-Cups in the Vue, even though the directions said you couldn't. (So you'll have to decide whether to try this.) However, I didn't want to waste $10-$12 on a large package of K-Cups, only to find they couldn't be adapted, so I checked Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree had three-packs of K-Cups in Breakfast Blend and French Vanilla, so I bought a pack. (I tried the French Vanilla and didn't like it, but since it was for experimenting, and was inexpensive, it didn't matter.)

As it turned out, the experiment was successful, but you have to have a larger, travel mug-size Vue cup for the base. That's because a regular-size K-Cup is taller than the regular-size Vue cup, although it's narrower.

After brewing the larger Vue cup, I pulled off the foil cover, pulled out the coffee grounds and filter and washed it.

Then, I simply slipped the K-Cup inside. Since the K-Cup was tapered and the top was wider than the bottom, it fit the large Vue cup very nicely. I brewed it with no problems at all.

After brewing, I tossed the K-Cup but washed the Vue cup so I could reuse it.

Now, I'll be able to find a much larger selection of flavors and manufacturers and save more, too, by buying K-Cups.

On the other hand, if you don't mind giving up a little of the convenience, or have coffee or tea that isn't available in either size Keurig cups, you can purchase refillable cups.

The Vue refillable cups are available only at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99. It seems like a lot, but it will last practically forever, and you can save by using BB&B coupons.

Two or more manufacturers make refillable K-Cups, and they're available at many stores, including Target, BB&B and Walmart. The price at Target was well under $10.

Target has a large selection of accessories for Keurig machines, including many styles of K-Cup holders as well as a nice Keurig travel mug that fits all their machines.

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