Upon first reading the letter to the editor of the

Carroll County Times


written by Amos Ashe on Oct. 2 I admit I was a bit perplexed.

I had not previously considered myself uninformed and to have a low IQ, but, rather, would consider myself to be average. After much thought, however, I have now accepted and even embraced my lack of astuteness.

To be completely honest, I am not intellectual enough to see the emperor's clothes. With my simple mind the only thing I see is a country on a downward trajectory. The greatest country in the world, America, is being stretched and pulled into a shape almost unrecognizable from its foundation.

On the local level I see gas, food and consumer goods at double or more the prices they were just four years ago. I cringe as I see no effort being made, but rather, hindrances put up for further energy production on our soil while watching our tax dollars go to South America and elsewhere so that others can produce needed energy.

I see once thriving families struggling to just to put food on the table. I see our freedom of speech and basic human rights being eroded in the name of a religion intolerant of all others. I see the enemies of our country becoming emboldened as we continue to apologize for our very existence.

I see the men and women (including my Marine son) of the greatest, most compassionate military in the world being placed in harm's way while being stripped of their ability to properly defend themselves. I see rich, poor, black, white, women and men pitted against each other while being told that our leader is a great unifier.

I see our once great health care system being pushed to the brink under the new health care law. I see a growing debt to GDP ratio bankrupting our children's future. And there is so much more.

I wish I could see the beautiful clothes and comprehend why I would want four more years to gaze upon them, but alas I will settle and bask in my inanity. I just hope there are others of my ilk who will agree and will vote to remove our naked emperor from office and give our country an opportunity to heal.

Connie Simmons