Letter: Cast vote for our children's future

The county's current ideological battle may have already damaged beyond repair the most important component of our community – our school system.

Our teachers and administrators feel unsupported, unappreciated and are demoralized. My children's most talented and devoted teachers are looking to leave Carroll for communities elsewhere that will value and appreciate them. I know this from my volunteer work in our schools. I also know this is a crisis of our own making.

I too loath taxes as a necessary evil; and we know Gov. Martin O'Malley and his crew in Annapolis will continue to tax and spend themselves silly with our money. That's the real problem, but we cannot solve that locally.

In Carroll, it is our leadership, or lack of it that has helped drive us into the ideological battle. I fear if we elect the "no common core" board of education slate, the ideological battle will only continue until we completely deconstruct our school system. If this is the outcome, almost certainly our children will lose. As this ideological battle plays out, our county will be seen as unstable and unsuitable for investment.

I'm not a proponent of common core, yet I've not seen a well-researched and viable alternative toward improving our global competitiveness. I hate even the notion of not continuing to cut taxes, and while I appreciate the tiny county tax cut I've received, it is irrelevant to our standard of living.

This is a local election. It should not be focused on our gun rights, prayer or global warming. These are critical issues to fight at the state and national level. This is a local election about our children and the quality of life in our county.

I urge, no, I beg everyone to look at what each candidate stands for. Please vote for a stable and healthy community that is willing to invest in itself. Please, vote for our children's future, and the future of our community.

Chris Everich

Mount Airy