Carroll County Times

Letter: Democrats display double standard

It must be hard to be a Democrat today, to defend President Barack Obama.
If you where a bongo-drum playing, Bush bashing anti-war higher thinking individual protesting the previous administration, it must be hard to defend the current one.
If you hated George W. Bush and voted for change in 2008, all you got was another two terms of Bush on steroids because everything liberals accused Bush of Obama is guilty of times 10.
Here we are again getting ready to attack a country that didn't attack us and, unlike Bush, I don't believe Obama will be bothering with getting approval before going in, because he doesn't have time for petty things like that. Besides, he knows no one will dare speak up anyway. An unlike Bush again, he won't have to worry about people like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden turning on the war effort once the popular opinion sways. You know, like they all did back in the days of the Iraq war.
Every one of these people was sure Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction, and was for invading Iraq before they where against it. Just go ahead and do some small fact checking if you disagree. Now these same people are sure of the gas attacks in Syria and are beating the war-drums again.
This exposes Democrats for just what they are: total hypocrite partisans. Now that a Democratic president is ready to wage war they are all on board. We know where they stood when a Republican was waging war. But it is OK for Obama to go ahead and start bombing, just be aware that the Russians are moving their warships into the area and they stand with Syria, so we might have larger repercussions to deal with in the end. This situation could easily become a much bigger problem than Iraq ever was.
So come on liberals, lets get the chant going again; "Racist! Unjust! Illegal War!" Start those rallies and bang those bongos. This is what democracy looks like. Lets hear it. No, we won't hear any of that because after five years of silence in the wake of this president trampling on the constitution unchallenged, its plain to me that democrats are just morally compromised partisans who have no intention of policing their own.
David Ulsch