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Coupon Corner: Target offers great deal on cellphones

If you're shopping for a new smartphone, you might be surprised to find the very best deals at Target. Convenience is factor, too, because Target has a wide range of android and iPhones and sells plans from major carriers, all in one place.

Check with various carriers for their special offers first, such as phone discounts and trade-in offers. Then, compare them with Target's offers.


Recently, AT&T offered a special price on smartphones along with a $100 trade-in for your old phone, both online and at AT&T stores. This was a very good offer, but Target beat it.

Target offered the same deal on the phone, but where AT&T offered a $100 trade-in, Target entered customers' cellphone serial numbers into the computer and gave them the value indicated, which in most cases, was far more than $100. Additionally, there was another $25 discount and a $25 Target gift card. Because of these three factors, most customers ended up paying absolutely nothing for new smartphones, or in some cases, even came out ahead.


This week, Target has another special sale offer on two Samsung Galaxy models. Simply trade in any working cellphone and get the value of your phone plus another $25 toward the purchase of any contract phone. As long as the cell phone you're trading in is in good condition, you should receive a very good price for it, and that's what makes Target's offers worth so much more.

I talked with Ken at Target's Westminster store and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He also transferred data from my old phone to the new one and explained that customers usually save around $75 more when they purchase cellphones at Target.

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