Michael Zimmer: Evidence contradicts climate change

It used to be said that in polite company one avoided the subjects of politics and religion. In that time, discussing the weather was considered a non-controversial topic.

These days, for some reason, bringing up almost any topic, including the weather, may turn into a heated discussion.

Some folks are absolutely convinced that human activity is changing our climate in harmful ways. Other folks are equally firmly convinced that such a notion is pure nonsense.

Those adhering to the anthropogenic - meaning human-caused - global warming camp, or climate change, if you prefer, consider carbon dioxide introduced into the atmosphere from human activity to be a greenhouse gas. According to this theory, increasing levels of carbon dioxide have raised global temperatures, and will continue to raise temperatures into the future.

CBS Morning News Monday interviewed an author who suggested a danger of human extinction as a result of the calamitous affects of climate change.

One of the leading voices warning of the dangers of global warming has been former vice president Al Gore. He's made a number of very interesting predictions in this field.

For example, in 2007 Gore predicted that summer ice at the North Pole would be nonexistent by 2013. According to the admittedly conservative website cns.com, the polar ice has actually grown to its highest level since 2006.

Bloomberg had a headline that caught my attention earlier this week: "Global-warming slowdown due to Pacific winds, study shows."

The report cited scientists who have concluded that stronger Pacific Ocean winds helped to explain a slowdown in rates of global warming since 2001. Researchers from our country and Australia have determined that global average temperatures have declined by .36 degrees Fahrenheit since 2001.

Locally, we've observed County Commissioner Richard Rothschild become an outspoken critic of the global warming alarmist movement. He recently had an article on this topic published on theamericanview.com. He asked a number of questions in this piece.

He asked, "Is change exceeding usually cyclical variations?" He also asked, "Can change be conclusively correlated with any human activities?" In addition, he asked, "If man-made, can we reasonably abate them?"

Do you support one of our commissioners asking such questions?

Rothschild also suggested folks consider a U.S. Senate Minority Report on global warming, which is available online.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has also been known to express skepticism about human-caused global warming.

He was rather pointed in his criticism of the president in a recent Senate hearing.

He accused President Barack H. Obama of making up figures of rapidly increasing global temperatures. He related efforts to get data from both the Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations to support Obama's claims.

According to Inhofe, no data of such rapid increasing temperatures were supplied by either body.

Inhofe suggested that global temperatures have been flatlined over the last 15 years. He added, "To my knowledge, not a single climate model ever predicted that a pause in global warming would ever occur."

Rothschild and Inhofe are certainly in sync on this subject. I wonder to what extent they are in sync with the general public.

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