I guess I am sounding like a prude about this subject in writing this letter, but I wanted to express my opinion about this matter.

Most of you know what transpired between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve on live TV. If not, please check the Internet for what the two did which, by the way, I find unacceptable for live TV.

I listen to a radio station out of York, Pa. early in the morning, and on the morning of Jan. 3 the female DJ said that CNN was taking heat from a Family Life Organization because of what it allowed on television. Her comments kind of threw me as she said "what are kids doing watching CNN anyway? Let them watch Seacrest."

Being a mom, I would be more comfortable with my kids watching CNN than Seacrest, even though I am not a fan of CNN, and on New Year's Eve, there are a lot of kids watching TV to watch the ball drop. And at certain ages, kids know what they are seeing and will question certain things. I can see if this sort of thing happened on the Howard Stern show because you know before you turn it on what kind of behavior may be on that show. Stern is not a kid's show, but CNN?

Again a member of the media, albeit radio, gave CNN and Griffin a pass for doing something that in my opinion was offensive. She even outperformed herself this year over last year, which after last year I'm surprised CNN invited her back to continue with her antics.

I guess I just don't know what this country is coming to with what we allow as acceptable behavior. But then, anything that has any level of moral value to it is frowned upon. We are totally upside down with our values in this country, and I fear it will only get worse with the direction we are heading in. It reminds me of why my family and I watch a select group of cable channels that offer true family entertainment where I don't have to be concerned about seeing something similar to the Griffin/Cooper antic. It's a very unsettling time for our country.

Robin Scaggs